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Zero Waste Week-Day 5

Day 5 of Zero Waste Week is officially looking at food waste.This is something that I’ve worked really hard on in the last 18 months or so, and I’m pleased to report that we never throw any food waste into our black bin.Our council don’t do a food waste collection (although we have a bio-digestor … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week-Day 4

Not much bin action here today. Another stock cube wrapper.AND, after flower-gate at the start of the week, I compounded matters by not making it to see the friend I had bought the flowers for, so had to unwrap them (and put all the stupid plastic in my bin!) and put them in a vase. Lovely … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week Day 3

Today’s Rubbish adventures have been thankfully very few. I am sure you are all almost as grateful as I am as it means not having to look at lots of pictures of my rubbish… We had our Riverford delivery today, which is thankfully very low on packaging. Most things are unpackaged, or in cardboard punnets. … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week-Day 2

OK, 1st up, apologies for my moaning yesterday, and huge thanks for all your lovely comments and support! So, Day 2.I opened the bin this morning, to assess the extent of yesterday’s waste, only to find that hubby had deposited an empty packet of crisps, AND (this is truly shocking, so brace yourselves) a tea … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week

OK, it’s official, not only am I the world’s worst blogger, having not blogged for several weeks, I am also the world’s worst Zero Waste Week Blog Ambassador. The fabulous Rachelle (of My Zero Waste fame) who is the brains and driving force behind Zero Waste Week, asked me a while ago if I would … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week 2014

Zero Waste Week 2014

Ever since going on a Rubbish Diet, to Slim our Bins, in the January of Make Do and Mend Year, I have been so much more aware of everything that we put in the bin. I am now positively twitchy whenever we put anything in our black bin, and feel a big pang of guilt … Continue reading

Zero Waste Ice Lollies

Zero Waste Ice Lollies

Apologies in advance if this post puts an end to this glorious sunshine. It has been HOT! And sunny. And generally more like Summer than I remember a Summer being for a little while. Hurray! We have however, been eating a reasonable number of ice lollies, and I am sure that we have seen a resultant … Continue reading