The Great Home Hack!

Have you heard about The Great Home Hack-the UK’s first ‘home hacking event’?!

Picture of The Brancott Estate Great Home Hack

Running over three days from the 13th-15th March, at Fulham Palace in London, The Great Home Hack will showcase the very best of British upcycling.
And I’m going to be there, running a Masterclass-eeeek!

The event is curated by Upcycler extraordinaire, Max McMurdo, who has been at the forefront of bringing upcycling to the general public’s attention, with his appearances on Dragon’s Den, and Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free, among others.
Max McMurdo

The workshops and masterclasses all sound amazing:
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 21.49.41
Max McMurdo is the ‘headline act’, and  you can learn from the man himself how to make your own handmade scaffold board serving bridge!
My brilliant Twitter buddy, Chris, from Eco Chic Interiors, is going to be there teaching everyone the principles of eco-chic interior design and decoration;
You can learn upholstery from The Upholstery Skills Centre, and paint effects and techniques from Green in Mind; Let Project Up! show you how to upcycle with wooden pallets (how to take them apart, treat the wood, and then make a wine rack!)
There is a great ‘wardrobe surgery’ workshop from ANNIKA-N, which aims to help you see your wardrobe differently.
AND of course, as the event is hosted by Brancott Estate, there are ample opportunites for sampling some of their very fine wines, including a Dinner Digest with the wonderfully named Knackered Mothers Wine Club!

My masterclass is entitled “Something for (Nearly) Nothing, and I will be sharing all my top tips on how to source supplies and materials for hacking your home, for free, or nearly free!

As well as all this, there will be stalls, where you can browse and buy from some of the UK’s best upcyclers, including Remade in Britain, and Sprigasaurus.

Remade in Britain


I’m hugely excited, and so pleased to see that the upcycling scene has become big enough to host a whole weekend event, devoted to hacking your home, and the delights of re-use and re-purposing.
I really hope that this event is the first of many such events, and helps to bring upcycling even more into the mainstream.

If you fancy a day or a weekend in London, immersing yourself in the wonderful world of upcycling, meeting some of your ‘hacking heroes’, and maybe tasting a cheeky glass or two of wine, then you can book your tickets right here.
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 21.53.39
Do let me know if you’re coming, and make sure you find me to say “Hello”-it would wonderful to meet you!

10 thoughts on “The Great Home Hack!

  1. Good luck…..sounds like it’s gonna be a fab weekend! Bit far for us northerners to travel..or is it….?? I
    I wonder if the government would think about V.A.R. – value added rebate for upcycled furniture and give us a rebate on our tax for been conscientious recyclers?? ✂️😀✂️

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