Little Free Libraries

Someone posted about these in our Make Do and Mend-able Facebook group this morning, and it is such a FABULOUS idea, I want to share it with you!

The idea is like all great ideas, ridiculously easy, you take a book, you leave a book, and people and communities can share books-hurray!
The Little Free Library Project started in the USA in 2009, and has now spread to the UK and they are springing up all over!
LFL collage

The project is a registered charity with the fabulous aim of promoting reading, art and community engagement. They use FSC and other sustainably sourced materials to build the libraries and work with local artists and designers 🙂

When I was out running in the the summer, we ran past an old red phone box that had been turned into a similar thing-there were books there for the taking, and people could leave their read books there for others to enjoy, so it seems the concept is a very popular one!

I would love for my community to have one of these. I know that I could probably do an informal one without any outside help, but the idea of being part of a bigger, worldwide movement appeals, so I am going to get in touch with the good people at the Little Free Library, and see what we can do!
If you fancy one in your community, then do get in touch with the Little Free Library-let’s see if we can expand the network!
And if you already have one, do leave a comment and a pic, so we can all be inspired 🙂

16 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries

  1. Quite a few pubs here do that too, although I dont think they are part of the charity, but do it off their own backs. great idea, particularly for rural communities. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  2. What a lovely post, its delightful to read that there is good stuff going on in the world. 😉

    Our local post office has one of these the money raised goes to local charities – I love reading but have limited space so its good to pass them on.

    I remember being part of the ‘let your book roam free’ movement a few years ago, you would register the book on a website – put in the unique number and leave it somewhere for someone to find. They could then log it on the website, and pass it on. I am not sure if it is still going but a fun way to see a book travel the world.

  3. There is something similar in the waiting room at Leamington Spa Railway Station. (It is in the lovely Art Deco one.)I think it is organised by the Friends of The Station.
    If you are a quick reader like me making a very long journey, you can borrow a book, read it during the day and return it on your journey back!

  4. We have on a little free library on the road I live on in Finsbury Park, London. It’s a really good way to get neighbours talking – a meeting point. If you get one can i suggest it is possible for little children to be able to look in (eg, by standing on a convenient pillar/wall/log) and mix up the books so any age can find something they might like. Our’s is painted by a local artist. We all LOVE it!! Nicola from

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    • Thanks so much for linking up!
      Loved your post-really honest and from the heart.
      My advice (for what it’s worth), is to just keep going. Don’t try and narrow yourself down. Try and think about ‘why’ you are blogging, and what you are hoping to achieve (a creative outlet? somewhere to ‘brain dump’? world domination?) and keep that in mind.
      Hope that helps!

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