Make Do and Mend-able Half Term Kids!

It’s half-term here in Wiltshire, and right on cue we have rain….!
The Smalls and I had a sneaky lie in this morning, leafing through a Make and Do book I picked up in a charity shop for 60p (biggest bargain EVER!), picking out things we might like to make, and making a list of ‘supplies’ to pick up from the Scrapstore when we visit later on today.
It made me think that a list of Make Do and Mend activities for the kids this half-term might not go amiss, so here we go:

Toilet Paper crafts from Red Ted Art-the possibilities are endless..!

I made one of the these with BigSmall a while back and they are great fun!

This might be a project that needs a bit more prep to find all the right bits, but if you have older kids, this looks AWESOME!

I saw this on the Nurture Store Play Planner, and it looks like just the kind of thing my Smalls would LOVE!

We all know that a cardboard box is one of the most exciting things a small person can have to play with…!

I’ve started a new ‘thing’ on Facebook and Twitter where I post a #MakeIt, a #MendIt, and a #MakeItDo every day. This is today’s #MakeIt, and I love it so much I’m sharing it again here!

If you have some felt scraps at home, this would use them up in a most pleasing way!

That should keep everyone busy, out of mischief and playing angelically for the week…
We’ve also got the obligatory spot of baking planned, and a trip to library. And amidst MUCh excitement, a visit to the newest member of our family-the boys have a new baby cousin!

What are your plans for half-term?
Do share your wonderful creations over on Facebook 🙂



4 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend-able Half Term Kids!

    • Hi Helen
      A bit late to be wishing you a good half term now, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I loved the toothbrush hex bug too-keep meaning to show it to hubby..!

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