Make Me a Wardrobe 2015…

OK, so I’ve blogged about suggested resolutions for a sustainable 2015, and useful tips for anyone thinking of Buying Nothing New this year, but today I want to share with you one of my two main resolutions for 2015.
I really want to make more time for crafting and making, and to improve my skills at sewing (beyond bunting and cushions…!) so I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of making an item of clothing a month throughout 2015. So by the end of the year, I should have 12 new handmade pieces of beautiful clothing in my wardrobe, and hopefully will have learned lots of new skills along the way!

Who wants to join me…?

sew your own warrobe 2015


I’m planning a whole series of posts showing what I’m planning to make, what I make, and I will share any disasters with you too, so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes..!
If lots of people want to join in, we could set up a special hashtag for sharing our creations of social media-who fancies it?!

EDIT-we now have a hashtag people! It’s #mmaw2015 (Make Me a Wardrobe 2015)
mmaw 4
If you share any of your creations, use the hashtag and I’ll do my best to find them all and share!

74 thoughts on “Make Me a Wardrobe 2015…

  1. I would love to have a go, but I think I’d have to start with bunting and cushions! I really do want to learn how to sew this year though.

    I need a knitting project to make presents for my friends’ babies. I don’t think I’d be able to match your 12, but can I start with 2 for small people?

  2. Sounds good to me, I’m at the bunting and cushion stage too and been thinking that I would like to do more this year.

  3. Hi Jen, This is a great idea, I posted something similar on my FB page to encourage my dressmaker followers to make 1 new item of clothing a month. I’m also thinking of running a workshop in March sometime to help dressmakers know how to choose a pattern to suit them and choose fabric that suits both them and the pattern they’re going to make. In the mean time – if anyone needs lessons – Frugal Wench – I’m near Basingstoke 🙂 find me as Sew Different on Facebook

    • Thanks Jan!
      I think that finding a pattern that suits you is difficult-what a great idea to run a class on it. I once spent AGES making a wrap dress (with a LOT of help) to wear to my brother’s wedding. I picked a wrap dress as I was breasfeeding, and needed something ‘easy access’! But when I’d made it, I tried it on and it really didn’t suit me at all 😦
      So hard to not be able to try on before making..!

  4. Have you heard of Me Made May? I took part last year and it really encouraged me to make more clothes for me and I’ve been wearing more me made things ever since. My challenge this year is to make trousers. I bought a pattern on new years eve last year but haven’t made them yet.

    • I have! I tried to do it last year, but without really enough homemade clothes to do it properly. Hopefully this year I can join in properly!

      • The thing I like about Me Made May is you set your own challenge, it could be wear one thing for one day of each week in May or it could be wear completely self made clothes the whole month. I challenged myself to wear something I’d made for 2 or 3 days each week and surprised myself by managing to wear something I’d made every single day for the whole month (I was inspired to make some more things during the month so that I could wear them).

      • Hurray! It’s like lots of things, you just need to make a start, and then it gets easier to keep going! What a great Me Made May you had 🙂

  5. I think we may have been twins separated at birth!

    I’ve decided to make myself a pair of high waist sailor type pants (very 1950s)….and yesterday bought a lovely 1950s tea dress pattern (hmmm….theme appearing here!) I follow Handmade Jane who makes lovely stuff…so…….I think what I’m saying is…..count me in!

    Hadn’t planned on a new item each month….but there’s nothing like a challenge to focus your mind! As I blog (which I also hope to do more!) I’ll mention\link up with you to keep the guilt….I mean encouragement going!

    Great one! Thanks xxx

  6. Sounds great. I am commiting to make one item which I think will be pjs or nightie. I look forwards to watching your wardrobe grow.

  7. I love the idea but shall struggle as a/ I have loads of time commitments what with my dissertation and starting a new venture and b/ more significantly from the clothing perspective, I’m starting my 3rd year of a 3-year clothes rationing experiment and even fabric eats into my strict rationing allowance. I will, however, participate in the background in a modified manner. I shall set myself the challenge of making an item per quarter out of ‘reclaimed, scavenged materials…”.

    • Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead! Love the idea of making from reclaimed and scavenged materials-would love to see some pics as and when you make some things!

  8. What a great idea, I have a stack of material bought for making clothing for me but never got around to actually making 😦 I’d love to join in x

  9. Time’s my only problem. I’m aiming to set aside time each week when everyone else is out of the house for making clothes and general sewing,so I’ll be joining in but maybe not as much as an item a month

  10. I have made clothes in the past (when my kids were little) and also costumes for my local drama group. I would love to make something for myself again. I am self taught so my methods may be unorthodox!!
    Count me in.

  11. I’d love to give this a go. Last October I got my machine out for the first time in 3 years. It needed a little tweaking but It’s up and running now. I feel a little rusty sewing at first but managed to make a very simple shift dress for new years eve following a sew over it pattern. I have loads of fabrics that need using up so 1 item a month would be a great way to use them.

  12. I’ve just about finished knitting a sweater dress and hoping to continue as I’ve started with only hand made/ pre loved clothing for 2015. Up for the challenge, saving money and having something unique!

  13. This is a great motivator, I know I won’t have time to make one item per month I think I will probably be nearer one per quarter! I look forward to following you in your sewing adventure 🙂

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  16. Love the idea of making do and mending. I’m helping out in a repair cafe over here and hope it will take off. Started a fix it regular post on my blog too!

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  22. I’m in! Last year, I made a few shirts from upcycled materials and have given them new life this month as they were worn (or stained with black sharpie marker).

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  25. Making your own garments is so wonderful, not only can you get a style that you like, but you get a great fit too.

    I have started a monthly sewing circle in my area, to share a really easy blocking method that you can use as a basis for anything you want to make as well as create a friendly support for people when they get stuck. Its a dream I have had for a while, but so far the response has been – rather small. I hope that it will gain momentum as more people take up sewing. Its really in my heart to help women get the confidence.

    Good luck with your year, I am looking forward to seeing what you make!

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  28. What a great idea! I’ve caught on a bit late, but at least I can still make myself 10 garments. A great way to stay motivated and to get lots of practice (which I definitely need). Sharing this 😀

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