My Homemade Christmas Jumper

I blogged earlier on in the week about Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, and it’s TODAY!

I blogged lots of ideas for you to make your very own bit of festive cheese,

Jumpers collage

and have as usual left it until the last minute to do my own.
But now, here it is….

Xmas jumper2

It’s pom-poms!
I made them, and then once I’d worked out where I wanted which one, I used a darning needle to thread the long ends through the jumper fabric, and tied them on-easy peasy!

For those of you wondering what the ‘fork technique’ is, it’s not as rude as it might sound, and is basically an easy way to make teeny pom-poms:

POmpom forks


And this is the Multi-pom maker in action-I got mine at the Handmade Fair, but the website is here if you fancy a browse!


Here is the obligatory ‘selfie’-you can just about see the red ‘baubles’ (and my double chin..)

pompom jumper selfie1

I’m off to text ‘WOOLLY’ to 70050 and donate my money to Save the Children 🙂


PS. Would love to see your Homemade Christmas jumpers too-not sure if you can post pics in the comments, so do hop over to the blog Facebook page, or tweet me your pics @makeandmendyear!


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