#makedoandmendhour 4th December

Just in time for this week’s #makedoandmendhour (8-9pm every Thursday on Twitter!) here’s the round up from last week!

I asked everyone for their top Make Do and Mend tips for a the festive period-scroll down to see them 🙂

Pics we shared:


1. @VintageHomeShop is well and truly in the Christmas spirit and has just put up this fabulous tree
2. and 3. @DalkeyDan has been making her own cards, and introduced us all to the brilliant idea from Friends of the Earth, or Christmas card re-use labels that you stick inside last year’s cards to enable you to use them again-genius! (See below for link to FoE site)
4. Hedgerow jam from @DalkeyDan-makes a brilliant, thrifty present
5. and 6. Crocheted scarves and cat blankets (from scrap yarn) from @craftyBlueberry
7. and 8. I am totally obsessed with pom-poms at the moment, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they could made from plastic bags! Thankyou @TextileTeacher2
9. @Maker_of_Things is extending his caravan into a mobile workshop-if anyone can, he can!
10. @Maker_of_Things has also been busy helping out at the @themakeitshop making an illuminated fire for their window display
11. @Sprigasarus make these fab upcycled bags
12. Another @Maker_of_Things creation for @themakeitshop is this glass display cabinet
13. @mehubbyandkids made this beautiful heart as a thankyou for a student teacher at her daughter’s school. Her daughter only told her the evening before it was needed, so top marks for rustling it up so quickly! We also felt that this was justification for having a fabric stash-just in case of emergencies…!
14. This fabulous pallet shelf is from @PoppymilSalvage
15. and 16. I’m loving the sock advent calendar and the driftwood tree from @mommyemu
17. I’m also loving this Christmas spiced wine from @mommyemu..!
18. @ShelleyKitten is doing a marvellous job of Making Do and elongating a curtain to cover a door!

Links we shared:

Top Make Do and Mend Christmas Tips

  • Use wine glasses and plates to make cake stands-@iswascottage
  • Make things from your existing stash-@brifrischu is making a knitted badminton racket cover…!
  • Use old sheets as tablecloths-@iswascottage
  • Make foodie gifts-@DalkeyDan
  • Buy all your Christmas decorations from the charity shop-cheaper, more sustainable, AND there is a chance you might stumble across some pretty vintage baubles too! @SewingDude
  • @mommyemu not only made her kid’s Advent calendar from old (clean I hope!) socks, but she filled them with homemade chocolate lollies!
  • Make your own cards-wither chop off the fronts from last years and glue them to card blanks (that’s what we’ve done) or use the re-use labels as suggested by @DalkeyDan (see link above)
  • A branch of holly in a vase with some homemade decorations makes a great, cheap alternative tree-this is what @SueArcher6 did
  • OR use red dogwood branches-great idea @jb5804!
  • If you haven’t got room or money for a tree, then I love the idea of pinning fairy lights to the wall in a Christmas tree outline

Thanks as ever, to everyone for joining in and making it such a fabulous, and inspirational hour!

2 thoughts on “#makedoandmendhour 4th December

  1. Wow! Thanks everyone for all those ideas. I didn’t join in last week (and shan’t be able this evening – carol service!) but it sounds as though it was a corker!

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