Crispy Stars!

Bake 2 of the bakes for the Pre-School Christmas fair wasn’t really a bake at all. More of a melt and stir.
I got the idea from the fabulous Nurturestore site whilst browsing it for advent activities to do with the kids. Cathy made these very cute snowmen:


I adapted the recipe a little, and used a star cutter to make Crispy stars.


Here’s my adapted recipe:

  • 50g butter
  • 170g white mini marshmallows
  • 170g white chocolate
  • 240g rice crispies

Line a large tin with foil or re-usable baking silicone liner things.
Melt the butter, white chocolate and marshmallows slowly over a low heat until it looks like something an alien might leave behind.
Mix in the rice crispies-I used my hands to scrunch it all together, but BE CAREFUL, the mixture is HOT, and sticks to your hands!
Squodge it all into the lined tin-you don’t want it too thick (about 2cm?) and try and level it out as much as possible.
Leave to set for about an hour, and then cut into your desired shapes.
I was concerned that I had only made about 5 stars from a LOT of rice crispies, as they wouldn’t all tessellate nicely, but I discovered that the mix is quite moldable, so I ended up ramming remnants into the star cutter and squishing them together, to use it all up!
Dust liberally with edible glitter if that’s your kind of thing.


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