#makedoandmendhour 20th November

Wow, this week’s #makedoandmendhour was the busiest ever!
So busy, that I had to split the pictures into THREE separate collages!

Pics we shared:

Collage 1

1) This great lampshade made from doilies (I heart doilies!) by @bluebirddanielle
2) Awesome happy looking socks in the making from @CraftyBlueberry
3) @DalkeyDan’s furniture restoration tutor made her a touch nervous when she dismantled her stool (this is the BEFORE…!)
4) And this is the AFTER-great job on re-loving this cute stool by @DalkeyDan
5) Another one from @DalkeyDan is this cushion cover from scrap fabric
6) @EcoChicInteriors shared this picture of a basket made from newspapers-she shared the tutorial too (see below)
7) Woodland friends made out of recycled cardboard by @GreenMashEd
8) Who needs plastic straws when you can have re-usable stainless steel ones like @lovesusiestars! Link for where to buy below
9) Upcycled Christmas decs from old jeans-how cool are these?! From @LindysLoops
10) @LovinglyMadeeLtd shared this picture of an amazing quilt that one of the ladies from her craft classes made-it took a year, and is made up of old clothes from her kids. WOW!!
11) And here are some close ups of some more hexagons from @LovinglyMadeLtd!
12) @EcoChicInteriors has been at the wine (bottles) again!
13) and 14) Gorgeous bags from @IsWasCottage
15) and 16) @LindysLoops has been knitting away, making a jumper, and these very snug looking bags!

Collage 2


17) This fabulous dresser has been lovingly bought back to life by @LovinglyMadeLtd
18) It’s not everyone who would appreciate an anonymous gift of this battery, but @Maker_of_Things was delighted!
19) and 20) Brilliant use of slightly limp veg from @MrsMahoo-bung it all in the slow cooker with some stock, and voila-soup!
21) Crocheting tis blanket must have kept @novakdesigns busy for a while!
22) But not so busy that she couldn’t find time to upcycle these utensil hooks!
23) @RachaelHodgetts made this at a WI meeting and challenged us all to guess what it might be….
24) And the answer is… a wine glass coaster! And it doubles up as a name tag/that’s mine marker for when you are at parties 🙂
25) @Ratvaark has been busy making apples into cider (26), and also modelling his latest outfit (27 and 28) kindly made by @SueArcher6
29) @Sprigasaurus joined us for the 1st time to showcase their fab upcycled bags!
30) and 31) @Maker_0f_Things has been making bat boxes for their local park (helped by Ratvaark!)
32) @Tea4Lisa is getting ahead of the game with these homemade snow globes!

Collage 3


33) The latest woolly offering from @WoollyPedlar-gorgeous!
34) @Maker_of_Things has been making road signs too!
35) Brilliant charity shop find, this salt pig for just £1 from @Sweetmyrtle
36) More wine bottles from @EcoChicInteriors
37) 38) and 39) @SueArcher has been upcycling herself a steampunk outfit! She’s adapted trousers into pedal pushers and added broderie anglaise to shirt cuffs
40) A woodland flag using vegetable dyes from @GreenMashEd
41) Beautiful tweed cushions from a charity shop skirt from @Vickymcreations
42) @lucymccarry asked for advice on what to use as ‘straw’ in Christmas hampers-this pic is from @SueArcher6 showing shredded maps put to good effect!
43) These brooches have been cleverly made from the scraps from the cushions in 41) by @vicymcreations
44) Some gorgeous vintage rolling pins from @LovinglyMadeLtd
45) And lastly, from @Maker_of_Things-some boxes for shop fittings

Links we shared:

This week was crazy, which is awesome!
I was feeling a bit low and a bit tired on Thursday evening before #makedoandmendhour, but seeing all that everyone is Making, Mending and Making Do with, really does give me a huge lift! Thankyou so much everyone for joining in, and continuing to spread the Make Do and Mend word 🙂
These round up posts really don’t do justice to all the conversations and inspiration that happens every Thursday evening!

#makedoandmendhour poster

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