#MinsGame Week Three

I am ploughing on with my #MinsGame (Weeks 1 and 2 are here and here), and this week saw 126 items sorted and re-homed (or at least waiting re-homing!).

Day 15
I sorted out the ‘wrapping up box’!
3 big sheets of previously used used cellophane; 2 random plastic bags that once had kids toys/books in; 6 gift bags; a roll of sticky back cork, a roll of cellophane (I seem to love my cellophane..!), a roll of sticky back zebra print plastic (?!), and a whole pile of scrupled up wrapping paper that I saved from presents to use again!
Does anyone else do this? I have the best intentions and whip the paper away before it can be recycled, only for it to get scrumpled into a heap and become unusable 😦 Any ingenious ideas for storing ‘pre-loved’ wrapping paper..?!
Day 16
Some random stuff off the kitchen windowsill: a cork, some lolly sticks, a small sponge, some jewellery, a bottle of organic baby hand foam(!)
And then some stuff from the ‘cards drawer’: 3 packs of change of address cards, a pack of thankyou notelets, some odd fronts of cards for recycling, and 6 cards that I know we won’t use (will go to the charity shop!)
Day 17
A bag of floppy discs (showing my age here…), a couple of mini discs (I had never heard of mini-discs but hubby has a mini disc player and some discs. Needless to say, it hasn’t been used in the last 10 years!), and various redundant instruction manuals. Didn’t actually count every item, but am sure there are at least 17 in there..!
Does anyone know if/where floppy discs can be recycled?

Day 18
a pile of mini bulldog clips; a pile of round things to hold bundles of paper together (!); some felt letters ;a hole punch that only punches on one side; a broken mini stapler; a tip-ex pen; a breast cancer badge; a hungry caterpillar badge; a Mr Man badge (a friend signed me up for the fan club at uni..!); some metallic heart confetti; 5 part used glitter pens; a biro that doesn’t work; a pair of scissors; some random cord
Day 19
10 packs of card blanks and envelopes, and a whole heap of odd bits of paper and folders
Day 20

20, yes 20, fridge magnets…! The fridge is now looking much clearer and I hadn’t realised how much how much it was annoying me until I decluttered it!

Day 21
A notebook; 3 more cookery books; another 9 magazines; a 2012 phone directory (!); 2 doorstops; 4 winter scarves; 1 sarong

I ran out of steam taking pictures by the end!
I still can’t believe how much cr*p there is. And my house looks NO tidier at all 😦

Anyway, thats 231 items in total so far.
And 234 to go this week-eeeeek!

9 thoughts on “#MinsGame Week Three

  1. Hi Jen,
    We have cleared out 277 items so far and still going, cleared out my ‘manicure’ bag yesterday and threw I out 9 old bottles of nailpolish all of no use to anyone!! Like you I keep opening drawers and cupboards and emptying out all the c***p but no one would notice unless I said 🙂

  2. I know how you feel, I’m also clearing out, but seeing little difference, I’ve done 3 bags so far this week for the charity shop, 1 bag of videos for freegle, and I have found such delights as my make up from my goth days when I was in 6th form (so, it’s only 15 years old!), a skirt I can now only fit one leg in, a video box set of the Tribe and a whole bag full of odd socks! I’m working hard on dis-attaching myself from all these possessions!

  3. I came into this late but decided to start with 10 things a day until December. I found 12 in the first cabinet I opened. Sadly I did a huge pair down of junk and clothing earlier this year. It’s amazing just how much carp I own.

  4. You’re doing well Jen. I sold some more items via Facebook – lots of Hot Wheels sets and 2 tins of Moshi Monsters. I also cleared out 5 bags of toys and books which were donated to the school Christmas Fayre. So I’m not sure what the count is about how many items left the house, but it seemed like a lot. I’ve got a pile of clothes and other bits & pieces to sell but it’s getting organised and doing it!

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