Easiest Children in Need outfit EVER!

This is a little belated, and of no use to anyone for this year’s Children in Need, but if you have a really good memory, you might be able to use it next year…!

SmallSmall had to go into Pre-School on Friday in ‘something spotty’.
Now, if you have girls, I would imagine that this isn’t really too much of an issue. Spots everywhere.
Boys, not so much.
Stripes, we can do. LOTS of stripy clothes, but not a spot in the house.

So I had to resort to a spot of late night (inevitably I forgot until 10pm Thursday night..) Making Do.

Take: 1 slightly stained white polo top of BigSmalls; 2 potatoes; some fabric paint (although I am guessing normal paint would do, if just for the day!)


Cut the potatoes in half, dunk them in paint, and get spotty…!
NB. Remember to put some cardboard or similar in between the front and back of your t-shirt to stop the paint bleeding through…

BigSmall had to go to school in his PJs-this is the obligatory pic:

What happens when you ask a 3 year old and 6 year old to smile….

What happens when you ask a 3 year old and 6 year old to smile….

Hope you all had a great Children in Need-we had a Swish on Friday night, and took donations on the door, and raised £40! Thankyou lovely Swishers 🙂


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