#MinsGame Week Two

I am ploughing on with my #MinsGame (de-cluttering one item on the 1st day of the month, 2 on the second, and so on, right up to 30 items on the 30th!)
Week 1, if you missed it, is here.

And here is Week 2:

Day 8
Random selection from the drawer that everyone has in the kitchen, that fills up with all kinds of clutter!
1. Placemats 2. Coasters 3. Single egg poacher 4. Rum butter pot 5. Pedometer 6. Party bags; 7. An out of date cat wormer! 8. Some beads I bought ages ago that swell when you put them in water-I though they would be fun to do with the Smalls, and then never got round to it!

Day 9
More stuff from the same drawer!
Day 9

1. Old takeaway leaflets 2. An empty packet of cat workers 3. Some old paint charts 4. An old golf card 5. Some info for some fruit trees we no longer have! 6. A plate 7. A smaller plate 8. A pepper shaker that originally hugged a salt shaker,but the salt shaker got dropped.. 9. Some stick on numbers for bins

Day 10
Seriously, where does all this stuff keep coming from, and why isn’t my house starting to look any tidier..?

1. a cake stand that we never use 2. a broken tea cup-no idea why I was keeping this..! 3. A teapot that we had on one of the tables at our wedding 4. A pile of old photos 5. 6. and 7. THREE old mobile phones 8. A stamp set thing we’ve never used 9. and 10. An old pair of sunglasses and a case

Day 11
CDs. Hubby has downloaded everything I still listen to, to the computer, so these are kind of surplus to requirements now. Now I just need to persuade hubby to de-clutter his too….!

10435910_942411302453190_5580213751736606362_nAny clever ideas for recycling/upcycling CDs?

Day 12
A load of cookery books and leaflets

Day 13
Another 9 CDs, and BigSmall’s school had a Bag 2 School collection-we had four big bags of textiles waiting in the garage, and now they are gone!
(These schemes are a fab easy way of fundraising for your school or pre-school-all the textiles are recycled, and you get paid by weight)

Day 14
Some magazines and books that someone had lent me, that I am finally returning! And a couple more cookery books

So that’s 77 items for this week, bringing the grand total up to 105!!

How is everyone else getting on?


17 thoughts on “#MinsGame Week Two

  1. Oh Jen, you have made me feel terribly guilty, this is something I have promised to do before Christmas – now I am going to have to get going…
    Have a very tidy day!
    Best wishes
    lovingly made

  2. I have a friend who sews old cds between two bits of material to make the base for beautiful round boxes. I guess they could be used in a similar way for a lid too.
    They can be broken up to make mosaics.
    They can be painted on with glass paint to make them more personalised bird scarers.
    I have seen them made into clocks but you have to buy the mechanism.

  3. Hi Jen,
    My total so far is 247 🙂 and I have yet another pile of stuff for the charity shop to go and a bag of clothes ready to go to our local cash for clothes shop were it gets swapped for 50p a kilo. None of which has been counted up yet 🙂 I am just going to keep going. I sorted out my pile of aprons I use for cooking, who needs 6 Pinnies? And I keep emptying the various drawers of stuff!! We seem to have accumulated

  4. I don’t know if libraries where you are do this, but our Friends of the Library group sells donated CDs (and books, dvds, etc.) to raise money for library programs.

  5. You inspired me to have a good clear out Jen…what possessed me to keep half the stuff I will never know! Music magpie is great for selling old cd’s and dvd’s. You can either donate the money to charity, get a m+s voucher or a cheque. It’s only 30p -50p for each item but soon adds up. They are a bit slow in processing it takes about a month, but pennies could help with Xmas present buying. 😃

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