Your Top Make Do and Mend Tips

I asked for Your Top Make Do and Mend Tips a little while ago, and you very generously came up trumps (yet again!)

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As suspected, I was too last minute to get organised with business cards, but I am love the idea of collating all your fave tips and having them printed onto business cards or postcards to give out.
On the new site, I want to have a page dedicated to them, so that people can just drop by and leave their tips anytime, but for now, here’s the collation of all of them as it stands:

  • Any letters/ junk mail that has a “clean” side (ie nothing printed on it) tear neatly into smaller squares to keep in a box near the phone for noting down messages
    Linda A
  • Keep small scraps of fabric,they can be sewn together later to make random patchwork placemats/mug mats. The more random a selection the more interesting!
    Hilary from Lincs
  • Have swishing events for you and your partners clothes, childrens clothes, childs equipment, garden stuff, household stuff
  • Use cardboard toilet roll inners to sow seedlings. Plant straight into the ground when ready. Voila – biodegradable pots for free!
  • Never throw any of your glass jars away – they can be used and reused again and again … Storage, jams, buttons, paint, seashells, flowers, candles, paper clips, hyacinth bulbs, herbs, terrariums, homemade deserts, wedding flowers, gifts, sweeties -absolutely anything!
    Trixie @lovinglymadeltd
  • Menu plan and shop with a list, grocery shopping online is a great way to avoid impulse buying
  • The ribbon loops inside the shoulders of many new jumpers and T shirts make great ribbons for tying onto home made gift tags
    Linda A
  • Shop your cupboards-use up what you have and meal plan according to what is in your cupboards
  • Sow cut and come again lettuce and keep on the windowsill if no outdoor space, half a dozen plants will keep a family going all summer
  • Save your “empty” mustard and ketchup bottles when you can’t get the last little bit out. The next time you make spaghetti sauce, add a little water to the bottle, shake it up, and add it to the sauce
  • Cut up old birthday/Christmas cards into gift tag sizes, punch a hole in the corner and thread through a ribbon loop
    Linda A
  • Empty prescription medicine bottles work great for holding beads and other small craft items like pins, rubber bands, jewellry findings, etc..
  • Blitz any stale bread or crusts into breadcrumbs and keep in the freezer to use for future meals / recipes
  • If you have a woodburner, augment the fuel with tightly rolled newspaper/junk mail held in a Toilet roll inner – they burn for a long time
    Mike P
  • Keep Christmas and birthday cards-cut bits out and re-use as card toppers on recycled card
  • Hang stems of herbs up to dry in the summer months – no plastic packaging and food for free!
  • Make as many gifts as possible through the year – hand made gifts are such a wonderful thing to receive 🙂
  • Keep your newspapers for a base for lighting your fire
    Trixie @lovinglymadeltd
  • Use a slow-cooker, and always make extra so there’s never any need for TV dinners
  • Use ecoballs for washing and save on detergent costs
  • Use laundry detergent balls for organising drawers – they’re perfect for drawing pins, paper clips, blue tack etc.
  • Cut the corner off of a tired dish sponge and you have yourself a counter sponge! Cut a second corner, it becomes a floor sponge. Cut a third corner, it becomes a bathroom sponge
  • Use up left over wine in Italian meals for extra flavour
    Lisa Harrison
  • Small bits of leftover wool are good for stuffing felt items
  • Save on gifts by using unwanted tins ,packets etc as a food lovers hamper
    Lisa Harrison
  • Store away your magazines for wrapping up gifts or using for decoupage
    Trixie @lovinglymadeltd
  • Use old make-up bags for dividing up your bag contents so you can find things easily
    Lisa Harrison
  • Pretty greetings card fronts make lovely Thank you cards. Just cut off the front of the card and use like a postcard. Unique and don’t cost you a bean
    Linda A
  • Save packaging for craft play sessions
    Lisa Harrison
  • Turn old cards into tags for presents
    Lisa Harrison
  • Add a little water to extend the life of hand wash and sauces etc.
    Lisa Harrison
  • Washed out glass jars make great tea light holders
    Lisa Harrison
  • Freeze left over meat from Sunday joints, then pop all in a stew with lentils, veg + dumplings. No one will be any the wiser!
    Sue P

Feel free to add any more in the comments, and I’ll keep on compiling the list!

6 thoughts on “Your Top Make Do and Mend Tips

  1. These are great!

    We’ve just started saving paper to make into (supposedly) carbon neutral ‘brickettes’ for the fire. I will blog about it once we’ve actually done it – the process apparently takes two or three weeks.

    I would like to find a solution to the problem of holey tights. I wear thick tights all the time through the winter and they inevitably get holes within weeks if not days. So frustrating.

  2. Putting past Christmas etc cards to use is something I would like to start doing… And I need to start making bread crumbs from stale bread. Do Eco balls work?

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