#MinsGame Days 1-7

So here we are then. on the 7th day of #MinsGame, and here is an update for you.
The idea, for those of you who missed the original blog post, is to make a bit of a game of de-cluttering.
1 item on the 1st day of the month, 2 on the 2nd, etc, until 30 on the last day of the month.
Making a total of  465 items.

So this week, a total of 28 items have left my house.
Actually, not all 28 items have physically left the house yet, but they are on their way.

Day 1
I found this pair of old work shoes lurking in the porch!

They are in need of a good clean up, but then they are on the way to the Swish I am hosting next Friday…

Day 2
A coat that I bought years ago and have barely worn.
It had the flower brooch on too, so counts for two items!
These are both heading off to the Swish as well.

Day 3
2 chalkboards that the Smalls were given last Christmas and they haven’t really played with. And a big clip thing for hanging bags onto a buggy handle.
These all went onto the Buy Nothing Warminster page, and have now been gifted!

Day 4
10354898_938037196223934_8758493660049634789_nRandom selection of things: some jasmine tea ball flower things (gifted on Buy Nothing Warminster); a part used scented candle (gifted on Buy Nothing Warminster); a terracotta herb growing sheep (no one seems to want him on the Buy Nothing page, so he is destined for the charity shop); and a mincer that my mother in law gave me, that I used once, decided it was very hard work, and am giving back to her!

Day 5
A load of random toys and shampoos that came with the guinea pigs. I am not sure they ‘play’ very much, so thought that someone else might like them (the toys, not the guinea pigs…). These have been gifted and are awaiting collection.

Day 6
10376411_938602582834062_885466519969734333_nMore random stuff: a phone holder arm band thing for running, that is too small to take my phone; a paper pompom, some fake tan, a lip salve and an anti-hayfever balm thing that all came free in various goody bags; some paper plates that I bought to do crafty things with the kids, but I don’t think we need quite that many….
The plates, pompom and arm band thing have all been gifted, and the remaining bits I will give to my mother in law to car boot (she raises money for Save the Children)

Day 7
A collection of books, magazines and knitting/crochet patterns.
Mins Game 71
I have listed the Good Food magazines on the Buy Nothing page, but no takers as yet-they may be destined for the recycling bin (I’m counting the 3 magazines as 1 item)
The Self Sufficiency book came from the library when they were selling off some stock-this is going to the charity shop.
There are 2 sewing books-I have listed them on the Make Do and Mend-able Pre-Loved craft stuff page, free for postage, but no takers yet. If anyone here wants them, leave me a message (They are Yeah I made it myself by Eithne Farry, and Handmade Begninnings by Anna Maria Horner).
The pattern is also up for grabs if anyone wants it-it’s Simplicity K2588.
There are a few old knitting/crochet patterns-I’m counting these as one bundle-these might end up being recycled if no one wants them!
And lastly, a Pretty Nostalgic Vintage Scrapbook, full of beautiful vintage-y type images. If you want it, shout!

So there you go.
28 items gone or nearly gone.
The things I am struggling with are:
-wanting to de-clutter, but not wanting anything to end up in landfill. So this means it takes more time.
Some of the things, aren’t really things that I think charity shops would take, like the random toiletries and cosmetics. For things like this, sites like Freecycle/Freegle and our Buy Nothing Warminster page are fab-one person’s trash and all that! It is however, more hassle than simply taking them all to the charity shop. I have to take a picture, and then list the items, and pick someone to give it to, arrange collection….
I find that once I’ve sorted it, I want it gone!
-I’m impatient. And kind of all of nothing. So I am finding the little and often approach a bit frustrating. I would rather have a massive blitz on one room, and take it all to the charity shop.
But I am being patient. Kind of.

Anyway, 28 items in, and my house looks and feels no different. Just where does all this random stuff come from…?

I am also finding that de-cluttering, is making me much more aware of things that I am bringing IN to the house.
It’s a bit of a pain if I’m honest, to de-clutter in a zero waste manner. And if I’m going to all this trouble, I am going to make damn sure I don’t re-clutter again just as quickly…!

I know that quite a few other people are joining in, which is awesome-we could keep a cumulative tally!
Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments, and I’ll tot it all up 🙂




14 thoughts on “#MinsGame Days 1-7

  1. Hi Jen, my latest tally is 168 and I see it getting harder to find more stuff to go, especially as I have an aversion to putting stuff in the bin to go to landfill

  2. I started at 30 and am working my way back, so 189 things have gone so far, mainly to the charity shop on the basis that a volunteer recently told me they make a fortune from recycling rags (paid per tonne by the recycling company then again by the council because it was saved from landfill) and scrap metals, (including old bakeware and saucepans, and wires and plug pins from defunct electricals). Mr H was particularly impressed on the day that I had purged the kitchen cupboards but I have not needed to raid his Morse DVDs or my sons’ bedrooms – yet!

    • That’s a much more sensible way to do it Rae! Do more at the beginning when you are all enthusiastic and have more rubbish little bits, and then get less as it goes on-genius!

  3. Hi Jen. Well done with the mins. Not sure I’m brave enough yet! Instead, I’ll take your sewing books, please, if they’re still up for grabs. If you haven’t passed your self sufficiency book on yet, I’d love to have that too for my project next year. Just let me know the cost/postage. As far as my http://becominggood.com project is concerned, the more reference books the better! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello I am doing the minsgame and am working my way round my flat – I couldnt belive how many items it added up to (although it took me a couple of trys to work it out!) over the month. I am away from tomorrow until Tuesday so have done up till then this morning – thinning out stationary – but where to send things like half used pencils so they don’t end up in landfill. I don’t think anyone is going to come round for those on freecycle. At the moment anything like that going in a big box and will try and find a home for it at the end. Anything obviously charity shop is going today! I think I will be down to my massive button box by the end of the month……..

    • Sounds like you are doing a great job!
      It might be worth putting the pencils etc on Freecycle, as people like child minders might find them useful?

  5. When we did this in April I felt the same way as you. I still have some of that stuff in the house waiting for the right home (ie not landfill). It is quite challenging doing the Minimalist Game with a conscience! Good luck.

  6. The first week of the minsgame has gone quite well here and I’ve been selling lots through ebay and facebook. So I’m pleased that lots of books, toys and clothes have gone out of my house and on to a new life. 1 bin liner of clothes went to the school for their Phil the Bag recycling scheme which raises money for the PTA. The rest that left my house were: 18 items of childrens clothing, 106 childrens books, lots of wooden train track, 2 childrens games and a Wii with games, controllers etc which all raised money for us!! Still got loads to go though. 😉

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