Knickers and sweets!

Isn’t that what every girl wants for her birthday..?!
Except if you are of the Make Do and Mend mentality, you will be more delighted with a knicker making workshop and a book all about how to make sweets.
So you can imagine how excited I was to get exactly these two things for my birthday last week!


Photo credit: The Makery (these are not my knickers…! Not yet, anyway!)

Clever hubby has booked me onto a day’s workshop at The Makery in Bath, to learn how to make my very own knickers 🙂

Hubby has a very good track record of great Make Do and Mend experience style birthday presents, with a bread making course at River Cottage, and a day learning how to make croissants and pastries with Richard Bertinet in previous years. BUT I *may* have dropped just a few, very teeny tiny hints about these in advance. This year, he gets extra points, as I dropped no hints at all, yet the present is still fabulous! I’ve been wanting to check out The Makery for ages, and knicker making sounds a lot of fun. Plus, who doesn’t need knickers?!

And for the sweets part, hubby and the Smalls got me a copy of Sweets Made Simple-the book that accompanies the recent BBC2 series of the same name, with the marvellous Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood.
Sweets: Made Simple, Hardback book
It looks A-MAZING!

So….. guess what everyone is getting for Christmas….?!


8 thoughts on “Knickers and sweets!

  1. I have been eyeing a few of these courses (I am at Uni in Bath so go there everyday) Can’t wait to hear how it goes – although seems a bit wrong to ask you to show us your knickers when you’ve finished!

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