I blogged a couple of weeks ago about going to see The Minimalists on the UK leg of their book tour for Everything That Remains (which I have now read, and thoroughly recommend!)
I alluded at the time to a new challenge, a mission.
And here it is….

It’s #MinsGame!

I had seen this hashing a few times on Twitter, and had no idea what it was referring to, but when I was doing some reading on The Minimalists site, I saw it again, and finally found out what it was all about.
The #MinsGame is a minimalising (is that even a word?) or de-cluttering ‘game’.
And it’s pretty easy.

Starting on the 1st day of any month, you get rid of (de-clutter) one item from your home.
On the 2nd day, you get rid of 2 things.
On the 3rd day, 3 items.
And so on. Until on the last day of the month, you are de-cluttering 28/30/31 items depending on which month you choose.

I’m doing it man!
I am so there.
I thought November would be a good month to do it, to make some space for the inevitable, no matter how hard I try to tell people not to buy us stuff, Christmas influx.
So, by the end of November, our house will be 465 items lighter. How good does that sound?!

I’ve decided that this time around (I envisage we may need several ’rounds’ of the #MinsGame), I will just be focussing on my things, and the things that are joint but kind of in my control-like any cooking type stuff etc. I am hoping that by setting the example, the rest of the family might be slightly more willing to jump on board when the time comes…!

Sooooooo, does anyone else want to play?!
I’d love some of you to join me, and we can all support each other?
I’ll post daily updates on Twitter and FB with the hashtag #minsgames, and then try and do a weekly round-up on here to let you know how it’s going.

36 thoughts on “#MinsGame

  1. Sounds great! But I’ve been making a concerted effort god clutter all year and so many things have gone that I worry I might struggle to keep up with this. Unless I go up my loft. Now there’s a thought …

  2. I’m in, just adding a twist, I am just going to see how much I can get rid of in the next 28 days, started already, cleared bookshelves and have 61 books for the charity shop, was ruthless 🙂 just redecorated the living room so lots of Nick nacks to go too. Going to aim for 465 items to get rid of and already getting there 😉

      • I have the 61 books by the door ready to go on Thursday and have 7 items on freecycle waiting for a home, I could have cheated and counted the 20 jam jars and 4 large cardboard boxes for freecycle as indervidual items, but decided to make them just two items. I also have another pile ready for the charity shop and can see the pile growing so will wait until they are just about to go before a count up.
        So today’s running total is 76 as I have also put in the recycling bin some magazines and other bits and pieces

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      • Exactly! I’ve spotted so many things today, so I might take Heather’s approach. Not sure I can get to 465 but I’m going to give it a really good go.
        Good luck to everyone else!

  4. We are going well so far, today’s running total stands at 107 as I’ve had a clear out of the medicine cabinate and taken 13 part used bottles and packs to the chemist for disposal off. Still more to do, although I gave to say we don’t have a cluttered house, there is always stuff to go 🙂

  5. Hokey dokey. I have just begun with the first thirty items, having decided to work backwards.
    Are there rules anywhere? My first question is do I count odd socks as one item each. My second, can I count unused bracelets if I break them up and put beads in my craft box?

    • I’m not sure there are hard and fast rules Rae. I would count a pair of socks as one item. Or you could be really hardcore and sort your sock drawer, and just say all the socks count as one item..! Depends how easy or otherwise you want it to be..?! I would think as well that if the stuff doesn’t actually leave your house, then technically it’s not been de-cluttered..!

  6. Hi, I finished the book yesterday. I was especially interested in the idea of “keeping stuff for best”…why not JUST have best clothes and wear them everyday?, Why not get out my nice plates and use them? After clearing out my Granddad’s house after he died I realised we hide away all this stuff which we should be enjoying and using. So today is day one…and my wardrobe is going to get it! Going to steal “mehubbyandthekids” idea and aim for 465 items total as I never know what time I will have one day to the next (my time is the next thing being decluttered!)

  7. I’m slightly late to the party but I’m going to join you! I’ve already sold 99 children’s books via the selling in Watford Facebook page over the weekend. With another 6 going tonight. I’ve also listed children’s clothes onto Ebay and I’m selling all our wooden Brio train sets (sob – boys growing up too fast). I wouldn’t even be able to guess how many bits that is altogether but it’s clearing out a huge space!!
    I’ve got lots more to sort out though…. So I should be able to get to the grand total of 465 items by the end of this month. 🙂

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  9. Hows everyone doing so far? I am up to 168 things gone, I suppose I have done all the easy stuff, just need to delve deeper now to reach 465

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