#makedoandmendhour 23rd October

I was a bit worried that this week’s #makedoandmendhour would be a bit quiet, as it clashed with the 2nd episode of the Celebrity Great British Sewing Bee (did you see any of them? They were great!). But I needn’t have worried-Make Do and Menders are a clever lot and can obviously do more than one thing at once..!

Pics we shared:

Collage numbered

1) Luggage label made from an old margarine tub lid, and then crocheted-what a fab idea from @CrochetKat!
2) 3) and 4) All fab embroidery designs from @IsWasCottage
5) A mat made from old leather belts! Shared by @VeoliaUK
6) Another fab design from @Woollypedlar, this time with a hood
7) This whole unit was made from cabinets found in a skip! @IsWasCottage
8) @Maker_of_Things turned these heels in the pic, into these ones here:
B0pxCEwCQAANtnpHow clever is that?!
9) Comic bowls! Shared by @VeoliaUK
10) More beautiful granny squares from @Patchwork_Pasta for her crochet/patchwork blanket
11) Homemade card for @SueArcher6 from @Maker_of_Things
12) Gorgeous crochet-ing from @nicolajenkins
13) These gorgeous Christmas decs, shared by @EcoChicInteriors, are made from old jumpers!
14) and 15) The Before and After of a repair on a coat lining by @CraftyBlueberry
16) Autumnal leaf bunting with crocheted leaves! By @asmithoriginal
17) This alternative to the expensive paint effect rollers in the shops, was posted by @EcoChicInteriors
18) A raised bed with a useful top to keep the pests out, all made from reclaimed wood, by @merlinsboy11
19) Made from reclaimed fabric by @TurnYourHandTo
20) @SueArcher6 has added yet another craft to her repertoire, with needle felting!
21) This beautiful bathroom was made entirely from things destined for landfill, by @elvisandkresse
22) More gorgeous crocheting from @CraftyBlueberry
23) Bags full of 2L plastics bottles, collected by @mehubbyandkids’ playgroup to make outdoor play equipment!
24) A very impressive 1st attempt at crochet from @MamaRuth
25)-28) Hedgehogs! @BBWS_CIC has set up a hedgehog hospital in her garage-word has spread, and the local kids have made some art work for the walls! @merlinsboy11 has been making hedgehog homes from reclaimed wood

@rethinkreuse it tweeted me this picture of the poster for their upcoming Christmas event

How awesome does that look?! I would LOVE to do something like that near me, but fear if I take on any more projects at the moment, I may fall down in a heap (or hubby will divorce me..!)

@stitcheuse tweeted this picture of some of her scissors
B0p1rfdIQAArf3eand asked for advice on how to clean and sharpen them. Several people tweeted back with really helpful ideas, which I am not going to repeat here, as @veshengro has promised me a blog post devoted to that very subject, so stay tuned!

Links we shared:

A couple of people tweeted at the end of the hour, to say that they had made connections, found out new things, got advice etc, and how much they enjoyed #makedoandmendhour! This makes my heart sing. It’s the whole reason I started #makedoandmendhour really, to try and build a whole community who can support and encourage each other, as they Make Do and Mend.
So a big, huge THANKYOU, to everyone who takes part, for making it the awesome hour it is!

Do come and join us next week-we are having a few days away during half term, so the wonderful, and incredibly talented @Sweetmyrtle has very kindly agreed to step into the breach, and guest host for me-have a great one!

#makedoandmendhour poster

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