Now we are six

BigSmall is six!

Now I am six
I have absolutely NO idea how that happened, or where the last six years have gone.

As we all know, being six is a Big Deal. And merits much celebration.
But is it possible to have a Buy Nothing, Zero Waste 6th Birthday (without the 6 year old even being aware of it…?!)?

We may not have managed totally Zero Waste, but we came pretty close, and I think we definitely managed to Buy Nothing New.
In case any of you are interested, here’s a run down:

The Party Games
BigSmall had declared that he wanted a Lego Star Wars Party.
Last year’s party was Lego. This year we threw Star Wars into the mix…
Inevitably, I hit Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration, and started a Lego Star Wars Party board. Just a word of warning-never look on Pinterest for party ideas if you aren’t quite feeling on top of your game. It is the quickest way to feel like the most inadequate parent ever. Some of the mums on there must spend the whole year organising the parties….

Anyway, we had:

  • Pin the light sabre on the Lego Star Wars man-this was a photo that hubby took of a lego star wars man, and that we then got printed out at our local photo shop for £2, on two A3 bits (half on each piece) and cut out and stuck together. Mounted on some cardboard from an old box. If we had been more organised, we could have painted to box black and added some stars. But we weren’t.
  • Lego Star Wars Bingo: I saw this on Pinterest, and used PicMonkey to make a Bingo sheet for each child.
    Lego Star Wars Party5
  • Pass the Lego Brick: BigSmall has a couple of the big lego storage bricks, so we put the pass the parcel in this, to add a Lego dimension, and obviously, we played the Star Wars theme tune as the music…. The main prize was a ballon powered car kit that I found in a charity shop ages ago. It would seem that these days it is obligatory to have sweets or a little prize in between each layer, and I didn’t want to go with bags of Haribo because of the plastic packets, so I struck gold (get it!) when I found some giant foil wrapped gold coins in a sweet shop. It was all wrapped up in purple paper that I got on a roll from the Scrapstore.
  • Who can build the tallest Duplo tower in two minutes. This is pretty self-explanatory
  • The prizes were all lucky finds in the local charity shops 🙂

The Party Bags

  • I’m not entirely sure why, but for some reason my mother in law had a stash of brand new Christmas Gift Bags that were all identical. We amended them slightly, by very cunningly sticking on some pictures of Star Wars ships and planets over the baubles….
    Lego Star Wars Party4
  • I made some gift tag type name labels for them on the computer and printed them off
  • I had some packets of crayons that I got from the Scrapstore for 50p each a while ago, and bashed them up to make Lego Men crayons in a mould I borrowed from a friend
    Lego Star Wars Party1
  • I had intended to make Lego brick fudge, and also some stars, but they didn’t work in the moulds very well. Hubby had the genius idea of Ewok Poo fudge instead..! The lovely man at the sweet shop very kindly let me had some paper bags to put them in!
    Lego Star Wars Party2
    Lego Star Wars Party3
  • I downloaded some free colouring pages, and we popped these in
  • And lastly, hubby cut out some stickers from the back of a Lego Sticker book we found kicking around in the present drawer, and wrapped them up in tissue paper so there were some in each bag

The Cake

Last year, it was a yellow Lego Brick.
This year, it was a grey Lego Brick (can you sense a theme here..!).
With the addition of some edible glitter, some Lego Star Wars figures (please note that candles fit perfectly into Lego light sabre holders….) and another print out from the computer. I wrapped foil around an upside down baking tray to present it all on.

The Party tea

There were: mini pizzas; cheesy stars (using the cheesy feet recipe); mini sausages; wookie cookies (crispy cakes with mini marshmallow eyes);
Wookie cookie1
veg sticks; grapes; orange and passion fruit jellies (a variation on this recipe here).
All served on the kids normal plates, and drinks were in normal washable beakers, so no paper plates and plastic cups to throwaway.

The Presents

We managed to source everything secondhand. BigSmall had said he wanted a new scooter. As he is still using one he was given when he was two, we felt we should do our best to find one! After spending what felt like weeks watching scooters come and go on E-bay, and not finding anything suitable, hubby hit gold on Pre-loved!
We found a Lego Star Wars jumper/top thing at a car boot last Summer, and secreted it away as it was too big, and were surprised and delighted when we found it again. And it now fits!
And we couldn’t let a Lego Star Wars birthday pass by, without some Star Wars Lego-a friend of a friend sold us a huge box of Lego last year, much of which was still boxed up and un-opened. In amongst it there was some kind of Star Wars ship, complete with little Star Wars mini figures, so BigSmall was delighted!

We were lucky that BigSmall only wanted a few friends, it was exhausting enough with just 6 of them. Just think if he’d wanted to invite the whole class….!!


10 thoughts on “Now we are six

  1. Wow! That sounds fabulous Jen. What a clever and resourceful Mummy and Daddy the two of you are! My lads got into Star Wars before Lego Star Wars, so their 7th birthday party requests were one Dr Who cake and one Star Wars one. I delegated the latter to Mr H, who made that circular spaceship (Something Falcon?) I bet the children all loved your party and the pressure will be on for other parents to follow that!

  2. Once again you’ve surpassed yourselves! It’s to be hoped your boys continue to love Lego in all it’s forms! Glad you mentioned about the Pinterest OTT ness on parties, I can’t believe the lengths some go to! Is it somehow more money than sense or is it that keeping up/bettering the Joneses syndrome! Again well done!

    • They are aren’t they?!
      I had a wobble, and thought maybe we should have at least one whole class, in the village hall thing, but then I asked him who he wanted to invite, and he only came up with a few names, so I went with it!

  3. You did so well and I bet that is the party the kids will remember! Kids parties are the worst for waste and expense & are my biggest challenge for me every year with three children to accommodate. For my son’s 6th birthday this year we are having a joint party with two other boys from his class so we can share the expense and work involved. Not nearly as ingenious as your party but we have the builders in our house while we live elsewhere but next year I will take a leaf out of your book!

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