#makedoandmendhour 2nd October

How did it get to be October already?
Here’s the round-up of this week’s fabulous #makedoandmendhour

Pics we shared:

Collage numbered

1. Blackberries just waiting to be made into liquer by @PracticalLou
2. DIY mum! @lovesusiestars
3. Fabric dressing @ThomasRenwart
4. @RachaelHodgetts asked for help with making a new H and C for her taps!
5. Upcycled garden chair @raebyrae
6.@Maker_of_Things chopped this little lot with a HANDSAW!!!
7. and 8. Linen skirt from an old pair of trousers, with side detail panel and pocket in linen skirt from trousers by @marymayf
9. and 13. Knitted poppies by @SueArcher6, with photo of the pattern!
10. @BBWS_CIC has been ‘mending’ this baby hedgehog!
11.Pallet and broom handle welly holders @turnyourhandto
12. Ratvark belongs to @SueArcher6 and @Maker_of_Things, and has been making regular appearances on #makedoandmendhour-here he is in his cape ready for a Goth outing..!
14. This sign was made from a reclaimed oak cabinet door by @Maker_of_Things
15. Gorgeous upcycled sweater coat from @woollypedlar
16. This collage was made from recycled cardboard by @SueArcher6
17. Check out the artwork on the walls framed in upcycled window frames-spotted by @KarenCannard whilst on a ZeroWaste mission to Canada!
18.Upcycled bag from @ShabbySheUK
19.How sweet are these?! Upcycled from old clothes by @PracticalLou
20.Fabulous find in a charity shop by @DecadiaDesigns-I love the fact she is stood on the loo to take this pic too….!
21.Lucky @IsWasCottage had this lot donated to her to add to her yarn stash!

And I managed to miss this one out from the collage-sorry! It’s a fabulous skirt made from a top and an old wrap skirt by the very talented @sweetmyrtle
skirt top @sweetmyrtle

@TurnYourHandTo posted this pic of her wall, asking for any ideas of how to fill it! It’s warmboard-which I am reliably informed is plaster board with insulation behind it.
Problem wall @TurnYourHandTo
Anyone got any ideas? It’s already been re-plastered…!

Links we shared:

  • There’s a great new Make Do and Mend blog on the block! Check out is-was cottage , with the great tagline-creating a home from life’s leftovers
  • Charlotte (aka @AHousewifesWork) tweeted this link to her blog posts all about homemade laundry powder
  • Craft School Club have some fabulous Knitting and Crochet lessons coming up this Autumn

Hurray for #makedoandmendhour! Come and join us next week and get a weekly dose of Make Do and Mend inspiration 🙂

#makedoandmendhour posterAnd if you can’t wait until Thursday, then pop over to Facebook and join our Make Do and Mend-able community page!


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