I won an award!

What a crap braggy blog title that is-sorry.
But I did.
Much to my complete surprise, I won the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Volunteer of the Year award!

Photo credit:Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Photo credit:Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

I did a lot of work last year with Emma Croft, who is the Trust’s Waste Minimisation Officer. With her help, I ran some Swishes, and Repair Cafes, and workshops (here, here and here).
I feel slightly fraudulent, as they were all things I really wanted to get going in my home town anyway, and I was super lucky to have the help and support of Emma and the Trust.

HUGE thanks to Emma, for all her help, and for humouring all my ideas! And also to the fabulously talented Verity, a local seamstress and dressmaker at Lace is More just outside Warminster, for all her brilliant help too 🙂


28 thoughts on “I won an award!

  1. Brilliant news Jen, and so very well deserved as well. You have certainly been an inspiration to lots of us on here and I bet youve got loads of people in your home town inspired as well. 🙂

  2. Well done Jen. Enthusiasm, effort, hard work and fun- all pay off in results. Great picture of you and £2 well spent !
    As said before, yours is the only Blogg I follow. Amazing developments over the year. Well done for that too.
    I work with Surrey Wildlife Trust. Great to have their support with my farm visits for children and my various wildlife and milling,baking projects.

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