Waste Less Live More-Value It

Wednesday, hump day, brings us #ValueIt for Waste Less Live More week.

Value It

This is all about valuing what we have.
Taking the time to think about what our ‘stuff’ is made from, and how we choose to treat it.
It’s all about re-using and really treasuring our things.
I guess it’s the opposite of the disposable culture we seem to be in the midst of.
For me, it boils down to “Buy Less, Buy Better”.

According to WRAP, “around 30% of the clothing of a UK household has not been worn for at least a year”.
That’s bonkers.

When did clothes, and ‘stuff’ in general get to be so disposable? Not even the actual disposable, single-use items, like carriers bags, and water bottles, but £3 t-shirts, and £10 shoes.
I am as guilty of the next person, as succumbing to the allure of ‘new stuff’, except I try and buy secondhand! And if I am buying new, I really think long and hard about it and try and make the most ethical choice. Just stopping for a minute before buying to think: “Who made this?”; “Were they paid a fair wage?”; “What is it made from?”; “What are the environmental implications of it’s production?” can be a surprisingly effective antidote to the part of your brain that is telling you you need shiny new things.

Your money has power.
You have power.
The choices you make when you choose to buy something new, have the potential to change the world.
Value your money.
Value your choice.
Value your stuff.

Buy Better.
Buy ethical.
Buy secondhand.
Buy local.
Buy from an independent retailer or an artisan maker.
Buy Less.

Or even, don’t buy. Re-use something you already have. Re-fashion it, upcycle it, re-purpose it into something else.
And spend the money on a day out with the kids. Or a meal out with a loved one.

Value what you already have, and really value the things you do decide to buy-value the person who has made it, and the resources that have been used to make it.


You can share photos of the things you value, on Twitter and on FB, using the hashtags #ValueIt and #wllm14 🙂


7 thoughts on “Waste Less Live More-Value It

  1. I would love to be able to buy clothes ‘ethcially’ but there isnt much around in larger sizes in my price range. Charity shops dont have much that fits that I like (my one sucess was a beautiful leather jacket I got for £10 that retailed at over £200), and NONE of the ethical websites do larger sized clothing. I really feel that its an issue that could be adressed.
    I do love the idea of valuing what you have and try to make things last as long as possible. Loving this weeks series of blogs Jen, well done.

    • I find eBay really useful for second hand clothes buying. You can set it up for “used only”. It’s great because you can find brands that you recognise, and know what size you’re likely to be. Plus clothes don’t weigh much so postage usually isn’t too high either! It’s a good start if you’re new to second-hand shopping : )

    • Jo-how lovely to hear from you! I was only thinking this morning, that I hadn’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well.
      I hadn’t realised that about the ethical sites and larger sizes-what a shame 😦 Sounds like there is definitely a gap in the market for someone to take advantage of!
      Thankyou for your kind words 🙂

  2. Y’day I washed some pillows but the covers still didn’t look too good ! So I cut them open & transferred the stuffing of one (as it was all in one piece) into a fresh pillow case & stitched it up. The other was stuffed with what looks like off-cuts & trimmings (I wondered why it felt lumpy!) So I’m going to use it to stuff two cushion covers I have saved. As the liners as they won’t be seen I can reuse the original pillow covers that aren’t perfect but will be the perfect size once I cut them each into a square. Now where’s my scissors ?

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