#makedoandmendhour 7th August

Here we go with the round-up of this week’s #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat 🙂

Pics we shared:


1. Bargain 10p vintage pillowcases from a car boot! @Shelleykitten is going to use these for a patchwork quilt
2. @lovesusiestars found this canvas in the recycling bin, and hot-footed home with it, to turn it into…
3. This! A retro duvet cover later and @lovesusiestars has transformed it 🙂
4. @DalkeyDan is Making Do with her bright pink bathroom suite…
5. @Maker_of_Things make this bike trailer from a rucksack rack and some wheelchair wheels!
6. @SewingDude showed that old blankets and sheets can make fabulous dresses
7. @CarlaRTOATSblog shared that start of her bookcase upcycle-even the paper is Make Do and Mend!
8. Real life Make Do and Mend from @ahouswifeswork’s Mum, back in the day
9. @nikkiw76 has been raiding her Granny’s attic, and found this mixer-some bits still unused in the original box, and all still working
10. Brilliantly re-covered chairs from @littlemummy36
11. 1st attempt at knitting for @ahousewife’s work for 30years! And it’s a knitted dishcloth. We doesn’t love a knitted dishcloth?!
12. A magnificent stash of retro bed linen! @lovesusiestars making us all jealous
13. Great way to keep the kids amused during the holidays from @CarlaRTOATSblog-chalk board paint and salvaged wood
14. This very cute salvaged (re-homed!) tortoise has a new tortoise table made from salvaged wood and lino by @CountrySkills
15. @Vickymcreations has been turning her husband’s old shorts into3/4 length trousers for her son
16. This is a bike jig frame, cleverly made from an old drawing board frame by @Maker_of_Things
17. Microwave chocolate cake-cooking efficiency with @DalkeyDan
18. @BBWS_CIC shared their community street garden last week, and this is an update of how it’s going
19. The sign that the kids made from a For Sale board for the community garden in @BBWS_CIC’s street
20. and 21. Some beautiful hand stitching on this tablecloth from @nikkiw76
22. More brilliant finds from @nikkiw76 in Granny’s attic-this lovely pyrex
23. @Maker_of_Things has managed to ‘soup up’ his drill, saving himself from buying a new one
24. @MakeThriftLDN has been having a few upcycling lessons from the fab lot @petitmiracles

Things we learned:

  • Sometimes hand-stitching beats machine sewing-more soothing and portable, especially when patch-working!
  • Old napkins, sheets and blankets can all be great sources of fabric for dress-making-for the body of the dress, or for linings
  • We love knitted or crocheted dishcloths, and t-shirt yarn would be a good thing to have a go with
  • Mums and Nanas are fabulous sources of knowledge and inspiration
  • @mommyemu has an old vintage Singer in her garage that is looking for a new home!

Links we shared:

It was a busy week, and I struggled to keep up with all the tweets and pictures!
Do let me know if you want a personalised half hour reminder each week, so that you don’t miss out on all the fun 🙂

#makedoandmendhour poster



11 thoughts on “#makedoandmendhour 7th August

  1. Reblogged this on The Un-paving Paradise Project and commented:
    I love the idea of a community garden, for so many reasons. When we lost our making do and mending traits (culturally-speaking) we concurrently lost the art of community. We replaced it with the notion that buying and acquiring ‘stuff’ would solve all our problems. We fell for the lie that you can buy your way to happiness. Our entire Western culture worships at the idol of the Economy. I am so glad that we’re rediscovering, little by little, making do and mending, and reclaiming community. It gives me hope.

  2. I am so glad of these catch ups as due to my work rota I miss the hour on twitter unless I’m off work … Big Thankyou :o)

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