Quick and Easy Gift Bags

It’s that time of year again-end of the academic year, and frantic rushing around trying to think of gift ideas for teachers to show your appreciation for all their hard work with your little darlings. I find this really hard-I want it to be something that they like, that won’t end up in next year’s raffle, and that ideally involves Buying Nothing New. And is not too much work.

This year, I already had gooseberry jam and elderflower cordial in the cupboards, so came up with genius idea of making some scones, adding in a pot of clotted cream, and presenting it nicely.
Which sounds great. Except I forgot about the ‘presenting it nicely’ bit until the morning of the last day of term.

Then I remembered seeing these really quick and easy gift bags somewhere on Pinterest.
Title image

This is what you need:

  • Fabric-cut to approximately double the width you want your finished bag to be-so if you want your finished bag to be A4 ish in size, then cut your fabric to A3
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Ribbon, or similar

This is what you do:

  • Cut your fabric to size
  • Lay it out so that the top piece is at the top. Fold over a hem of about 1-2cm, and iron. If you are feeling keen, and have time, you can fold and iron, and then fold again, to make it neater
  • I then sewed all the way along this line without pinning because I am lazy was short on time
  • Fold in half (right to left) right sides together
  • Fold your ribbon in half, and place it inside the folded fabric, with the fold poking out about 2-3cm
    Gift bag2
  • Your fold should be along one side, so starting at the top, sew an ‘L’ down one side and along the bottom. Go backwards and forwards at the beginning and end to secure your stitches
  • Trim your seam with pinking shears, and press the seams open if you have time
  • Turn right way round, fill with your gift, and tie your ribbon fastener

Gift bag5

(The eagle eyed among you may have spotted that my bag was made with the fold at the bottom, and I therefore had to sew two hems at the top, and sew up each side separately. Much easier to do it the way I’ve just described above-isn’t hindsight wonderful?!)


8 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Gift Bags

  1. If you make smaller versions of these out of old terylene nets you can use them to keep your necklaces in so they don’t get tangled together :o)

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