Just ask!

You may have noticed my delight at the return of Fill Your House for Free to our screens.
Whilst watching this week, Kirstie was wafting around a lovely house filled with all kinds of impressive upcycling and free finds.
Including a spiral staircase, and a cast iron bath. Both of which the builder hubby managed to source for free from various jobs he was doing.
Kirstie did accept that most of us are probably unlikely to be so lucky, but she also made the point that sometimes, you just need to ask.
And she’s right!

Just ask

On a much less grand scale, I have put out appeals for things we need, and have very rarely been let down.
I not only ask for things on sites like Freecycle and Freegle, and in our local Buy Nothing Group, but I also find that just putting a post on my personal Facebook page often gets results.
For example, the other week, BigSmall needed a plain yellow t-shirt for Sports Day. I put a post on my Facebook page and had a choice of 3 within a couple of hours.

I think sometimes we are a bit scared (I don’t know what of!) to ask.
But when you do ask, and you see how happy and pleased people are to be able to help, it really does feel good!

So go on, put your faith in your neighbours, your friends, and your Freegle group, and just ask!

PS. If you are posting a Wanted in a Freecycle group, or a Buy Nothing Group, my advice would be to provide a bit of aback story as to why you need or want the item in question, rather than just a WANTED…. or an ISO (in search of). Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are all human beings sat at the other end of the t’internet connection, and a bit of courtesy and friendliness can go a long way.

PPS. What’s your best ever Ask?!


12 thoughts on “Just ask!

  1. The best ask from Freecycle I ever had was a Juice Extractor and Ice Cream maker when I was faced with 2 baskets full of grapes last year, I now have a stash of fast dissappearing Grape Sorbet in my freezerI

  2. Very good point! I think this reluctance to ask is a bit of a cultural thing. Brits feel a bit shy about it, but Italians (we live in Italy) ask away without a second thought! So when we needed a cot from my son I asked everyone I knew with kids, and lo and behold, one of my neighbours still had one stashed away in her attic. As it cost a lot new, it’s great that it’s now being used again for its third child.

  3. Haha, giving a reason for your request can get you kicked off our local Freegle group. It’s Against The Rules. Crazy but true!

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