#makedoandmendhour 17th July

Here we go then, this week’s #makedoandmendhour!

Pics we shared:


1. Brilliant bug house! Made from an old CD cabinet, broken fence panel and discarded bricks! From @kykaree
2. Alarm cable inner strands awaiting upcycling by @SueArcher6
3. Bottle top bead curtain! Linked together with fishing line, by @smalldustytown
4. 36ft of free shelving from ladders found in a skip by the lucky @Magpiemosaics
5. Awesome darning job on an old blanket for an invisible mend by @Magpiemosaics
6. Old bike tyre being called into action to hold up an apple tree in @Sweetmyrtle’s garden
7. @jhwilts is busy crocheting a rug for her camper van
8. Pickled nasturtium seeds! From @SueArcher6
9. Hanging baskets upcycled into a birds nest thingy by @junelpenney
10. Top darning by @BeckyAnnison
11. @bluebirdanielle shared tales of homemade wine for £1/litre. And no hangover..!
12. The fabulously talented @Maker_of_Things has made a heated towel rail from reclaimed copper pipe
13. A great bit of upcycling by @DecadiaDesigns
14. @MagpieMosaics found this WW1 trunk in a charity shop, and has added castors to make an instant coffee table!
15. @BeckyAnnison is ploughing on with her knitted blanket using up scraps of wool

Things we learned:

  • It impossible to make wine from fruit juice. It can taste quite nice. It costs about £1/litre to make, and because there are no chemicals, there is no hangover. WE WANT SOME!!!
  • People throw away the strangest things (we knew this already), but luckily there is a whole community of ingenious Make Do and Menders out there, who ‘borrow’ them back out of skips and re-use them (check out the ladder shelves in the pic above!)
  • You can not only eat nasturtium flowers, but you can pickle the seeds, and they taste like capers!
  • Reclaimed copper pipe can be used not only for DIY heated towel rails, but also for matching loo roll holders!

    Pic from @Maker_of_Things

    Pic from @Maker_of_Things

  • @ahousewifeswork asked for some advice on hemming linen trousers-the general consensus was to turn inside out, iron the hem, and then hand-sew with a slip stitch, or a herringbone stitch
  • Make Do and Menders are a super helpful lot and eager to help anyone with any questions!

Links we shared:

I know I say it every week, but only because it’s true-I learn something new every week-thankyou so much to everyone who comes and joins in and shares all their brilliant Makes and Mends, and their top Making Do tips 🙂

See you next Thursday 8-9pm for another brilliant #makedoandmendhour!

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