#makedoandmendhour 10th July

Here’s the round-up for this week’s #makedoandmendhour!

Pictures we shared:

Numbered collage

1. The lovely Daisy from @MakeThriftLDN joined us for the first time this week, and shared this great picture frame deco patched with pages from a 1960’s magazine. The gorgeous print is by Hazell Nicholls. And check out the fabulous collection of knitting needles peeking out at the corner!
2. More awesome ladder storage inspiration from @GDUKStyle. I NEED a ladder!!
3. An old button+owl charm=new earring! From @novakdesign
4. Beautiful hand painting on this furniture, by @LikeAMagpie
5. Homemade bath bombs from @novakdesign
6. @life_asweknow took her daughters old cot bed duvet and is making it into a dolls duvet-what a super idea to cherish all those memories!
7. Expertly patched sock from @DalkeyDan
8. An upcycled cot! Shared by @GDUKStyle
9. @LikeAMagpie was getting ready for an Open Studios weekend and rustled up this great wall art from an old canvas!
10. Gorgeous vintage find from @VintageUpcycled
11. You may remember @GDUKStyle’s wine bottle upcycle from last week-well now it has a partner 🙂
12. @mehubbyandkids is a super talented sewer, and has rustled up this snowflake costume for her daughter
13. @TinaFrancis15 joined us for the first time, and wowed us all with her beautiful tapestry needlepoint artwork, all from secondhand wool
14. @LikeAMagpie got lucky when she spied this lot being thrown out! She has plans to make the clock carcass into a bug house-what a fab idea

Things we learned

  • It is possible to make jam in a bread maker! Here is a link if you want to try it.  And also in a slow cooker. And a microwave! I have no bread maker, but really want to try out some slow cooker jam
  • House clearances and auctions are great places to pick up secondhand wool. And they give your woollen makes an extra story to tell too
  • This went way over my head, but apparently there is computer operating system called Linux, that is free to download and use. You can use it instead of Windows, and I am told it works better and faster!
  • Once you get the hang of foraging, you start to view brambly hedgerows in a whole new way!

As usual, it was fabulous! I never fail to pick up some wonderful Make Do and Mend gems. I’m off now to Google slow cooker jam..!

See you next Thursday 8-9pm for another brilliant #makedoandmendhour!


7 thoughts on “#makedoandmendhour 10th July

  1. I’m off work on a stay-cation for a week & so looking forward to joining you on Thursday as my work rota usually means I miss MD&M hour :o)))

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