#makedoandmendhour 3rd July

July already, how did that happen?!

I missed this week’s #makedoandmendhour, as I had to help out selling refreshments at a school event, but the super lovely, amazing “eco-chic” Chris from GDUK Style very kindly stepped in to host the hour. Check out Chris’s website for LOADS of inspirational upcycling and styling ideas, and she also runs fantastic workshops too!
I feel a bit ‘out of the loop’ as I was playing catch up and reading all the tweets when I got back, but I think I can do a brief summary 🙂

Pictures we shared:


1. Bucket light-spotted by @VintageHomeShop at a shop in Frome
2. Gorgeous cabinet re-vamped by @xylofurniture and shared by @GDUKStyle
3. Pillowcase bag from @ThePumpkinLife
4. Suitcase table! Shared by @GDUKStyle
5. Coffee table painted by @xylofurniture and shared by @GDUKStyle
6. Amazing washing machine drum footstool! Found by @GDUKStyle on @recycle_co_uk
7. @Itsmetatty shared a great makeover of this kitchen wall-this is the ‘before’ and I’m so sorry, but I can’t locate the ‘after’-It looked great!
8. How cool is this sign made from old tin cans? Snapped by @VintageHomeShop
9. Stunning purple wardrobe from @xylofurniture and shared by @GDUKStyle

And I couldn’t fit this one into the collage-it’s a wine bottle upcycle from Chris (@GDUKStyle)-how fab is that?!

Wine bottle @GDUKStyle


Things we learned:

  • Too much knitting/sewing/darning can actually be a bad thing. Poor old @BeckyAnnison (the blogger behind Westwick Dreaming-this week’s Sustainable Blog of the Week from the Guardian!) has a frozen shoulder 😦
  • @KopelliCamping asked for ideas for re-using decommissioned canvas bell tents-they retire about 4 a year, and want to find ways to upcycle them-ideas included painting them and using them as decoration; and making morsbags from them.
    If anyone else has any ideas, please do leave them in the comments, and I can pass them on.
    Incidentally, I am told that hundreds of tents are abandoned at Glastonbury every year-I wonder what happens to them?

Links we shared:

I’m sure there was lots more, and I’m sorry if I missed anything out!
I have updated the #makedoandmendhour Pinterest board with the pics and the blog posts, do hop over and take a look-loads of great inspiration!

Thankyou so much to the wonderful Chris from @GDUKStyle for hosting so fabulously, and to everyone who joined in.

See you next Thursday 8-9pm for another brilliant #makedoandmendhour!

11 thoughts on “#makedoandmendhour 3rd July

  1. I joined twitter especially to join in the #makedoandmendhour. It was fun, thank you for setting it up!

    As for the bell tents, would any of the smaller NGOs want them for refugee/field situations? As long as they stand up, they might be of help to someone. Or local guides/scout troops? (our tents were always holey and a bit unstable 🙂 )

  2. Thank you for the shout out!

    I didn’t knit/mend/sew anything yesterday (well, except haul a fat little baby around – but that can’t be helped) and it is a little better today. But I’m learning my lessons; no more knitting etc. until it is completely better and lots of deep heat and hot water bottles in the interim.

    I have to say though, without knitting/sewing etc to do I am finding the TV a lot less interesting!

      • I’m proud to say I didn’t knit, mend or sew anything all weekend. It is much better today… but I’ve learned my lesson and I am taking it gently!

        So many projects backing up though 😦 Especially now I’ve decided I need to make my own lavender wheat bag for next time.

      • Well done you for resting! Hard though when you’ve got a head full of projects to do. But better to rest now, than have to rest for even longer later…

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