#makedoandmendhour 26th June

Here’s this week’s round up of our #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat (Thursdays 8-9pm BST)

Pictures we shared:

1. Bag made with some favourite fabric from @Mehubbyankids
2. Fabulous bench made from a tree that @life_asweknow’s neighbour was cutting down!
3. Close up of part of the bench from @life_asweknow
4. Great selection of vintage finds from @VintageHomeShop’s pop-up
5. Awesome book upcycle inspiration from @GDUKStyle
6. Hand darning patches onto jeans-dedicated mending from @BeckyAnnison
7. @GDUKStyle is running some fabulous ‘eco-chic’ interiors courses-check out the details here
. Pants from old t-shirts! Loving the fabric choice from @vickymcreations
9. Great use of leftover yarn with this project from @BeckyAnnison
10. You might need to do some serious drinking for these cork initials from @GDUKStyle!
11. Brilliant use of an old potato box from @TheCottageGilla to make some underbed storage
12. I have seen wooden ladders used to make shelving units before, but never upside down like this! From @GDUKStyle
13. Upcycled bottle vases from @GDUKStyle
14. A warning for all of use from @trudlenoodle-don’t leave your rhubarb unattended and get sucked into #makedoandmendhour..!

Things we learned:

  • Sharing with your neighbours rocks!
    We had a whole thread going about produce swaps (check out Apples for Eggs to see if there is one near you, or set one up yourself!) and more informal skill/produce swaps amongst friends and neighbours. A great way to make connections with the people who live in your town, and reduce waste
  • There are lots of great ‘eco’ alternatives to washing powder-soap nuts, eco-balls, and Natural Soap from Marseille were all championed! @trudlenoodle has even made an upcycled sack for her soap nuts in the machine from an old sock 🙂 There is a great post here from @KopelliCamping on the difficulties of finding eco-powder alternatives in rural mainland Europe!
  • If your eco washing solutions aren’t quite getting rid of though stains, adding about 2tbsps soda crystals to the powder drawer of your machine will soon shift them! This great tip from @Mehubbyandkids
  • @vickymcreations had been testing out a pattern for turning old t-shirts into pants-you can read all about it in her blog post here
  • @BeckyAnnison asked for help with ideas for how to patch leggings. The general consensus was to darn them with some stretchy wool-the brighter the colours the better, for an ‘out and proud Visible Mend’!
  • @nerysandgwen is about to embark on a month of Buying Nothing New-good luck!
  • Some of us are guilty of hoarding our have fabrics and being too scared/precious to actually cut into it and make anything from it-you know who you are..!
  • @decadiadesigns shared her blog post for upcycling an old standard lamp 
  • And @BeckyAnnison shared a pic of the blanket she was making from scrap bits of leftover yarn using this free pattern here

I’ve pinned all the pics and links to the dedicated #makedoandmendhour Pinterest board-do go and have a peek!

I’m loving these Twitter chats and all the tips that get shared and all the inspiring things that people are doing to Make Do and Mend!

Come and join us every Thursday 8-9pm (BST) on Twitter 🙂

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