E-book update

I blogged at the beginning of June about the Screw Work Lets Play 30 Day Challenge that I had embarked on.
The challenge I had set myself was to create a collaborative Make Do and Mend Back to Basics e-book.
I thought I should give you all an update…..

I asked you all for feedback on what you thought were basic Make Do and Mend skills, and what you would find useful, and from this came up with a list of 20 chapters.
I then drew up a list of my absolute favourite bloggers and Make Do and Menders, who I thought might want to come on board and join in.

So….. I am still waiting for confirmation from a few, but here is the amazing, dream come true list so far. The chapter titles are a work in progress, and are more descriptions of the content at the mo-bear with…!

1. Sourcing secondhand equipment and materials

2. Setting up and learning to use your sewing machine
Rachael Greenland aka The Textile Tutor


-a fellow 30 Day Challenger! She is currently working on her own project which is a series of video sewing tutorials, which looks set to be fabulous-stay tuned!

3. Basic Hand Sewing
Jan Morton from Sew Different

Sew Different
On the recommendation of Fiona from the Sewing Directory, I checked out Jan’s website and was hugely impressed with the range of workshops she teaches, AND the amazing dresses she makes for her clients. Classes include basics like learning to use your sewing machine, and unlocking the mysteries of the Overlocker, all the way through dress-making and even pattern drafting. Jan also offers 1:1 tuition as well, so if you are in Hampshire and need some help, give her a call!

4. Hemming
Ginny from Alice and Ginny

Here’s Ginny (on the right) with Alice Photo from Alice and Ginny

I ‘met’ Ginny online during my Make Do and Mend Year, and we have spoken on the phone a couple of times. Ginny shares my love of mending and upcycling, and is so lovely, and helpful, and super-talented. I knew I wanted her on board if at all possible! Alice and Ginny run workshops and classes in Farnham (Hampshire seems to be a hot-bed of sewing awesomeness!), and have published not just one, but three fabulous books

5. Patching
Jo Poole, aka The Dress Doctor


Jo Poole Photo from The Dress Doctor

I first came across Jo on the forums on The Good Wardrobe, and was delighted when she said she would join in with a section on patching. As well as offering a huge range of sewing services, Jo’s blog is brilliant-I love the section on ‘cross dressing’-turning men’s clothes in womans, and vice-versa-what a fab idea!

6. Darning
Tom van Deijnen aka Tom of Holland

Tom of Holland second-hand wool jumper, hand-embellished with Appleton crewel wool

Some of Tom’s work Photo from Tom of Holland

Tom is a self-taught knitter and mender, originally from the Netherlands, and now residing in Brighton. He is the Darning King, and started The Visible Mending Programme to highlight the art and craftsmanship of clothes repair. As well as exhibitions, events and workshops, Tom is a regular at the Brighton Repair Café, and flies the flag for visible mending wherever he goes!

7. Rescuing wool from old jumpers (this so needs a catchier title!)
Joanne Scrace from Not So Granny

crochet pattern collection

Joanne sporting one of her own designs from her Space Crochet Pattern Collection Photo from Not So Granny

As well as being a brilliant knitter and crochet-er (is that a word..?!), Joanne designs her own patterns which have been featured in magazines like The Knitter, Inside Crochet, and Simply Crochet. She also finds time to teach classes too, and started The Crochet Project with Kat Goldin in 2012. Joanne and I ‘bumped into each other’ during a Blogtacular Twitter chat all about blog collaboration, which is where the idea for this book was born! I’m so pleased she has agreed to come and join in

8. Basic Knitting
Ali Nurton and Caroline Bradshaw from Butterfly Bright

Butterfly Bright is a gorgeous shop in Sherbourne, Dorset selling everything you need to “make a handmade home” and running a huge variety of brilliant workshops.
Caroline is the knitting expert in their fabulous team of tutors, and spends hours researching crochet and knitting projects, and designing her own patterns too.

9. Basic Crochet
Kat Goldin of Slugs on the Refrigerator

As well as her awesome blog, Kat set up Crochet Camp on Facebook, the Crochet Project with Joanne Scrace, and teamed up with Kat Molesworth to host the blogtaculous Blogtacular earlier on this year. Oh, and she’s written some books too! Kat is one of those hugely inspiring people who achieves so much, yet still manages to be approachable and lovely! So approachable, I e-mailed her about this project, and to my delight, she said Yes!

10. Making a pattern from an existing item of clothing-so that you can re-create your favourite pair of trousers/top etc (this is another one that needs a snappier chapter title…)
Franki Campbell

Franki Campbell
I first came across Franki’s work on the Offset Warehouse blog where she has been doing a series on Zero Waste Pattern Cutting. Franki is a Creative Pattern Cutter, and worked for Fairtrade brand People Tree, before going freelance and focussing on her interests in fair, organic and recycled fashion, as well as developing the concept of zero waste patterns

11. Upcycling-a general introduction
Lynn Haughton from the Upcycle Movement

One of the fabulous workshops that Lynn runs! Photo from the Upcycle Movement

Lynn is Ireland’s Upcycling Queen, and started the Upcycle Movement to create a  supportive community of upcyclers and a platform to share ideas and techniques, source & rescue offcuts and discards, design new products, lessen unnecessary waste, teach, learn and generally promote upcycling. How cool is that? She has also launched the BIG Upcycle Market, for Irelands upcyclers to get together under the one roof and to sell & and showcase their products

12. Furniture Upcycling
Trixie Bradley from Lovingly Made Ltd

Lovingly Made Ltd

Lovingly Made is a Garden and Home Vintage Boutique, selling all sorts of gorgeous vintage goodies! As well as paint workshops, and stocking Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paints, they run a huge range of workshops, hen parties and even children’s birthday parties!

13. Natural Cleaning
Emma Northcott from Mommy Emu

Emma! Photo from Mommy Emu

Emma started her brilliant blog to document her family’s journey trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Among loads of other fabulous stuff, she blogs about Zero Waste, and eco housework, has some fabulous tutorials and recipes and is currently spending a month Buying Nothing New. I was lucky enough to meet Emma at the Ethical Awards recently, where she was a guest of the Guardian Live Better having been featured as their Sustainable Blog of the Week

14. Puncture Repair
Recycle Bikes

Photo from Recycle Bikes

Recycle Bikes are an independent, not for profit bike project based in Heeley, Sheffield. They specialise in lots of different things including; recycled bike sales, service and repair, youth and adult training, ride programmes and much, much more.

15. Replacing a fuse
Kate Jerrold and the Bristol Repair Café


Kate started up the Bristol Repair Café after reading about Repair Cafes right here on this blog, and it has gone from strength to strength! Repair Cafes utilise local volunteers to show people how to effect repairs on their broken things, and are a fantastic antidote to our throwaway society.

So, that’s the list so far!
Other chapters include: sewing on button; clothes care and stain removal; upholstery; replacing a plug; and a chapter on Sugru, the wonder fixing stuff!
I’m just waiting to hear back from the people I’ve approached to see if they want to join in the fun, and then I can update the list 🙂

I am so excited and humbled that I have been able to compile such a fabulous list-it really is beyond all my expectations when I first came up with the idea.
I have to admit to now feeling a little under pressure to deliver, and do justice to the awesome skills of these wonderful people.
It has already been a pretty steep learning curve, but I am enjoying it hugely, and can’t wait to see it all start to come together.
I hope you’re all excited too!

PS. I’ve just linked this post up to Margot & Barbara’s The Good Things linky, as I think it is very much a Good Thing, and is making me smile right now 🙂

The Good Things








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  1. You really have been working hard on this. It’s going to be a very interesting resource. Just a couple of word ideas for chapter 10 – customising and re-fashioning.

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