#makedoandmendhour 19th June

Here we are again, with the weekly post of all the highlights of another fabulous #makedoandmendhour-our weekly Twitter chat (every Thursday 8-9pm, come and say hi!)

Pictures we shared:

Numbered Collage

1. 50p finds! From @ForgottenTreasu
2. Cup and saucer bird feeder from @GDUKstyle
3. Flip flops from @CountrySkills, with the horrid uncomfy plastic straps replaced with much more comfy upcycled denim ones!
4. Handmade truffles in an upcycled box with a homemade card. What a lovely pressie! From @EleanorCoss
5. Towelling headband made from old dressing gown sleeves-love this! From @Tea4Lisa
6. A whole #upcycled room, from @GDUKstyle
7. Is there anything that can’t be done with pallets? Check out this pallet flag-would look pretty fab as a Union Jack 🙂 From @GDUKstyle
8. The brilliant @mommyemu made these fabulous flip flops from old jeans (link to the tutorial is here)
9. Another fabulous make from the oh-so productive @mommyemu (I have no idea how she fits it all in)-pyjamas made from an old 50p shirt!
10. And the last make from @mommyemu for the evening (I told you she was amazing!) is this wallet from a neck tie 🙂
11. @vickymcreations has been potato printing, on fabric!
12. Gorgeous vintage saucepan from @VintageHomeShop
13. Amazing re-upholstery job in fabulous fabric from @Itsmetatty
14. @CountrySkills took an old hat, and an old denim hat band, and combined the two, for a ‘new’ hat!

Things we learned:

  • There may have been a football match on. We are probably not talking about this by the time this post is published…
  • We should all embrace the wonk-thanks for the reminder @Tea4Lisa!
  • Secondhand shopping is sooooo much more satisfying than hitting the High Street
  • Jeans may well be the ultimate fabric-you can not only make new straps for flip flops, you can make whole flip flops from them!
  • There is nothing you cannot make from pallets. If England have not in fact been knocked out of the World Cup by now, then you might even contemplate a cross of St George on a pallet, in a slightly more upmarket show of patriotism than a 99p nylon flag from Lidl
  • Repair is a tricky subject. Having just found out that my sewing machine needs some repairs, and that this may cost in excess of £50, I posed the question “would you get something repaired if it would cost more than you could buy a new item for”
    I think the general consensus was “Yes” if it was something heirloom and with sentimental value.
    But when we started thinking about more ‘disposable’ items (that seems wrong to even be writing that) like toasters, it gets much more complicated.
    Some of the problems stem from the fact that we are all less skilled at fixing than we were; are less likely to have a go; it can be difficult/expensive to get parts; if can be hard to find a repair person to do the job if we can’t do it ourselves.
    This is a huge issue, and one that really warrants a whole blog post of it’s own (keep your eyes peeled!)
  • Repair Cafes and initiatives that promote re-skilling are awesome

Another fabulous and inspiring evening. I am put to shame at seeing how productive everyone is, and how much everyone has to share each week.
I’ve updated the #makedoandmendhour Pinterest board with all the pics from this week-hop over and check it out-there are some fabulous ideas there!

Hopefully see you all next Thursday 8-9pm for another brilliant #makedoandmendhour 🙂

8 thoughts on “#makedoandmendhour 19th June

  1. I really love the way your blog evolves! You started with a “straightforward” challenge but have now moved on to so many other related things (a proposed new web site, make-do-and-mend-hour) and your blog ranges over so many subjects from inspirational poetry to pretty rigorous testing of various energy saving measures. It’s one of the best blogs I read and certainly one of the most varied. Thank you.

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