Decision Made! Kind of…

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my hugely exciting new Make Do and Mend-able project, and my need for help making a decision about a logo.

I had narrowed it down to these two:

Needle and Thread Buttons

I got very technical(!), and managed to post a poll for you all to cast your votes-thankyou so much to everyone who did.
The results of the poll were 65 votes for the needle and thread, and 52 votes for the buttons.
BUT I thought long and hard about the comments I had from people about buttons being more generically Make Do and Mend, so…… I am going with the buttons!

Hurrah! I made a decision (with a LOT of help from all you lovelies).
But then I complicated things by asking the fabulous Claire Holgate to do another version, with a hand-drawn line.


So now I have another (final. I hope!) decision:

Wobbly line or straight.
Your thoughts please!

31 thoughts on “Decision Made! Kind of…

  1. Wobbly of course! I didn’t get around to voting the first time but I do much prefer the buttons. I like the splash of dark pink and everyone loves buttons! Paul Smith had an exhibition last year at the Design Museum and one wall was covered in just buttons.

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