#makedoandmendhour 12th June

For those of you who missed it, here are the highlights of last Thursdays #makedoandmendhour on Twitter 🙂

Pictures we shared:

Collage numbers

1. @DalkeyDan’s second hand styling: plant post from the skip, chair from the auction, and cushions re-loved by dying them red!
2. Cardi from an old jumper from @mommyemu
3. Gift bag made from a Waitrose free magazine from @Tea4Lisa
4. 1st ever attempt at patchwork from @Tea4Lisa-so neat!
5. Making ‘plarn’ (plastic bag yarn) from @nikkiw76
6. Pan scrubber made from the plarn in number 5 by @nikkiw76!
7. Brilliant upcycled watering can from @LynneWheater
8. More paper gift bags-we love ’em, they are ultimately re-usable! From @DalkeyDan
9. Wicker storage baskets painted with chalk paint from @DalkeyDan
10. Sloe Gin! and gorgeous homemade labels! @SerafinaJayne
11. Homemade pickles-@mommyemu
12. Homemade Christmas cards. Because it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas..! @DalkeyDan
13. A Make Do and Mend style wedding! @SueArcher6 got married to @Maker_of_Things, and he is wearing a jacket rescued from a bin 🙂 HUGE CONGRATULATIONS GUYS (on the wedding, and the jacket!)
14. A lamp made from plastic bottles! Spotted by @therubbishdiet in @Wahaca in London
15. A throw cunningly re-purposed into a garden rug by @therubbishdiet
16. Marshmallows for Dad on Fathers Day, made with stout…! From @nikkiw76

Things we learned:

  • You can make marshmallows using stout! Here is a recipe from @nikkiw76
  • Plarn is awesome, and makes fabulous pan scrubbers. Use 2 strands of plarn and 4.5mm crochet hook, and away you go!
    In case you were wondering, here is a post I did a while ago about how to make plarn
  • You can make pants from old t-shirts. We knew this already as I had featured them in last month’s Make Do and Mend Magazine Blog Post Thing, but @vickymcreations is actually doing it! Here is the link to the tutorial if you want to have a go yourself
  • 1st attempts at patchwork do not necessarily have to be a only mess, as demonstrated by @Tea4Lisa
  • Chalk paint is A-MAYZING and can do pretty much anything
  • Birthday cards are expensive and it’s WAY cheaper to make your own
  • Ditto with gift bags
  • You can freeze elderflower so that you can use it when have time/ingredients OR wait until the gooseberries are ripe, and make Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam!

It was, as usual, a great evening. Lots of fun, and so inspirational seeing all the brilliant things that everyone is doing. I never fail to learn something.
I’ve started a Pinterest board, where I’m pinning all the pics that everyone tweets-you can check it out here!

Come and join us on Twitter every Thursday 8-9pm for the next #makedoandmendhour!

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