And the Winner Is….

Not us, not this time.

I am of course referring to the winner of the Great Energy Race (you remember when I went a bit crazy blogging every day about energy saving…) that we took part in for the Observer Ethical Awards.
Last night was the Green Carpet Awards Ceremony, and I donned my new, secondhand party dress, and my big girl shoes, and trundled up to the Big Smoke to attend.
I was lucky enough to be invited last year by Ecover, so this year I knew what to expect, BUT had the distinct advantage of knowing some other people going, so felt a bit less out of place!
I got to meet up again with Karen Cannard, Rubbish Diet Queen, and meet some other blogger friends for the first time in ‘real life’: Emma from Mommy Emu, Zoe from Eco Thrifty Living, Polythene Pam from Plastic is Rubbish, and Carl Legge, author of The Permaculture Kitchen.  It’s always slightly surreal meeting people who you feel you know quite well online,  in the actual flesh, but it never disappoints-everyone is even more awesome in 3D! It was so lovely to meet up with like minded souls and put the world to rights for a couple of hours 🙂

L-R Emma (Mommy Emu), Polythene Pam (Plastic is Rubbish), Zoe (Eco Thrifty Living, Me! Thanks to Karen Cannard for the pic

L-R Emma (Mommy Emu), Polythene Pam (Plastic is Rubbish), Zoe (Eco Thrifty Living, Me!
Thanks to Karen Cannard for the pic

It was a great evening.
The theme for this year’s Ethical Awards was “Be Better in This Life”, which is in itself a pretty inspirational tagline, without all the fabulous stories that went along with it.
You can see the full list of winners here, and read all their amazing stories, and how they are indeed Being Better in This Life. And not only that, but inspiring the rest of us to try harder too.

HUGE congratulations to Tom Yearley and Delphine Wakes for being the very deserving winners of the Great Energy Race and being crowned the Nations Bright Sparks! You can catch up on how they did it, on Delphine’s blog-loads of brilliant energy saving ideas!

Thanks to B&Q for sponsoring the Great Energy Race, and the Observer Ethical Awards for coming up with such a great category that hopefully started lots of conversations about what we can all do to Be Better (at saving energy) in This Life!


8 thoughts on “And the Winner Is….

  1. I agree with Trixie – you did your best and that is all you can do. Plus I’m sure you inspired loads of people along the way!

    It was a lovely evening and it was really great to meet you!

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