#makedoandmendhour 5th June

I’m a bit late with this, but better late than never….

Here are some highlights for those of you who don’t fancy trawling through the Storify.

Pics we shared:

Collage numbers

1. Branch shelves from @GDUKstyle
2. Knitted dishcloths from @mommyemu
3. Yarn wrapped letters from @GDUKstyle
4. Pallet wall from @GDUKstyle
5. Wrist pincushion from @vickymcreations
6. Wrist and ring pincushions from @nikkiw76
7. Teapot planters from @AbbeyCottage
8. Thrift store skirt cafe curtain from @GDUKstyle
9. Tea light holders from @vickymcreations

Oooh, how could I have not included this one in my beautiful collage!
Playmobil lampFabulous lamp base filled with Playmobil figures from @bluebirdanielle! There was talk of a grown ups version filled with vintage cotton spools…

Things we learned:

  • Knitted dishcloths rock (pic 2), and you can use t-shirt yarn too. And try out plarn (plastic bag yarn-I did a tutorial here) for pan scrubbers
  • Paper kitchen towels do not rock-cut up old towels to make re-usable flannels instead
  • Great places to find 2ndhand fabric: charity shops, car boots, the back of the wardrobe!
  • Great sources of 2ndhand fabric: old curtains/duvets/sheets/bedding/tablecloths-don’t forget you have the option of dying stuff too
  • You can make dresses for little girls from men’s shirts by just drawing the shape onto the shirt (allowing an extra cm for seam allowance) and cut and sew
  • It is possible to inhale pins if you insist on keeping them in your mouth while sewing and you happen to sneeze. This is bad. Make a wrist or ring pincushion (pic 6). It is easy,and so quick that Vicky Myers whipped one up during #makedoandmendhour! (pic 5)
  • You can use chalk paint on fabric or leather-this is quite frankly mind blowing

Links we shared:

To see more, check out the Storify!

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 16.07.18


And do come and join us every Thursday on Twitter for #makedoandmendhour 🙂

4 thoughts on “#makedoandmendhour 5th June

  1. Sadly I never get to join you on twitter but my tip is this if you would share it.To save on dry cleaning costs for large duvets-(we have a super kingsize.)Chop it in half and hem both ends-wash then tack back together.You could use poppers or a lace type idea if you have the time but i dont! xxxxx

  2. Just realised the curtain made out of a skirt reminded what I used my old pink maxi skirt for when we moved into our 1st council flat ! Love the bottle lamp idea old wine corks would look cool !

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