200+ Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

OK, heads up-it’s Fathers Day next Sunday (June 15th), and I was browsing Pinterest for some inspiration, and figured that we could probably all do with some ideas for gifts (Make Do and Mend style obviously), in one handy awesome blog post.
I’ve tried to keep it to things that are pretty quick and easy to make-not saying the Dads in your lives aren’t worth a bit of time and effort but we’re all busy…!


Gifts in Jars

I love old jam jars, they make such great receptacles for gifts

Jar Collage Numbers

1. LOVING this “Daddy is a Cookie Monster” jar from City to Sticks (and if you need a cookie recipe-I have one that is really easy to adapt by adding Dad’s favourite ingredients, here)

2. Daddy’s (or Grandpa’s) ‘Stache Jar from Sandy Toes and Popsicles-take an old jar, fill with sweets, print off the free printable-ta da!

3. Never mind giving this Chocolate Dessert in a Jar (from Living Locurto)to the Dad’s, I WANT ONE….

4.  Homemade BBQ sauce (you know, for when Summer arrives, and we spend the whole time eating al fresco…) from Shaken Together

5. Homemade Spice Rub from Evermine-would go nicely with the BBQ sauce, if you have two Smalls that need to give Daddy a present each

Just in case you want any more Jar Ideas-here are some more!

Free Printables
If time is short, then you can print out one of these and frame it (or not, depending on whether you can locate a suitable frame in time..)

Printable Collage Numbers2

6.VERY sweet alphabet printable card from Sweet Scarlet

7. Some Super-heroes don’t have capes…. From Thats What Che Said

8. It’s really cute to ask your kids questions like “how old do you think Daddy is” when filling out printables like this one from Totally the Bomb, and see what they come up with!

9. Not just one, but a choice of FOUR adorable free printables from The Cottage Market

10. If you are feeling super keen, you can do a whole book about Dad! From Eighteen25

And if you don’t like any of those, here are 101 Free Father’s Day Printables from Everything Etsy!

Lego Gifts
Because Dads are mostly just big kids….

Lego collage numbers

11. Lego Clocks-take apart an old clock, and use the hands on a lego base board. Simple but brilliant!
Tutorial from the aptly named Our Nerd Home!

12. Lego Key Holder from Mini-Eco

13. How about a grown up version of this very cool Lego belt on Kojo Designs

14. Lego cufflinks like these ones from Dream a Little Bigger, are easy peasy, and look pretty cool too

15. Lego Picture frames from Dad Vs Wild -all you need is a base board, and some lego. And a picture 🙂

Other Cool Stuff

Collage numbers


16. A planter, made from a tie! From Story by Modcloth

17. Morse Code for Dad, stitched onto braces, but you could do it on anything. From A Subtle Revelry

18. Another tie upcycle-this time a glasses case! From A Law Student’s Journey

19. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream from Food for my Family

20. Hardback book turned i-pad cover from The Simple Things Magazine


If none of these take your fancy, then there’s another 200+ ideas below!

100 Handmade Gifts for Dad from Henry Happened

50 Genius Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Express your Gratitude from diyncrafts

30 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas from one of my favourite blogs-Crafting a Green World

25 Awesome DIY Gifts to make for Dad! from Curbly

And my Father’s Day Pinterest board is right here, with all these and more!

Would love to see some pics of what you make. Post them to the Facebook page, or to Twitter (@makeandmendyear) 🙂


17 thoughts on “200+ Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. 200+!!! Wow, what an amazing post! Sadly, neither my Dad nor Mike’s Dad are still with us, so Father’s Day for us is a little sad now. But I can pass on your ideas to my both my daughters, I’m sure they will find something they can use

  2. I think we must be scrouges or maybe green. When our first daughter was born [ she is now over 40] we decided not to do Fathers days or Mothers days, we also only buy Christmas-birthday presents for the under 21’s and those who really need something. At Easter the children are usually given summer cloths of their choosing, we try not to do chocolate.As a family these occasions are called marketing oppatunities.

  3. Just to add to the Lego idea … the hands of Lego figures are the perfect size for holding wires etc so maybe include one for Pop’s mobile charger ?

  4. If you’re hunting for a homemade Father’s Day gift that will stand the test of time, look no further…
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    Find these FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATES from Simply Fun Families at
    and enjoy creating this hilarious, heartfelt stroll down memory lane with your children.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this, I am always so focused on my son’s birthday in June that Father’s Day often gets forgotten! Your reminder and suggestions meant I was able to rustle up a little gift and card that (I think) hit the spot!

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