Screw Work Lets Play

As part of my master plan for Make Do and Mend to take over the world, I am doing lots of courses at the moment, to learn the skills I need to make Make Do and Mend-able into the site I know it can be.
One of the things I have signed up for is a project the 30 Day Challenge, from the people at Screw Work Lets Play.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.06.05

The idea is that you come up with an idea for a project, and then you implement it in 30 days. There is a whole community of people doing the same thing at the same time, so you can encourage and support each other on your journeys. And you get lots of support from the Coaches on the programme too.

The 30 Day Challenge started on the 1st June, and finishes, yes you guessed it, 30 days later on the 30th June.
And I need to have something to show for it at the end.

I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats dying to know what my project is…

It’s a Monkey Training App!

Not really.

The Grand Plan is:
a collaborative Back to Basics Make Do and Mend E-book.

My vision is this:

  • an E-book covering ‘the basics’ of Make Do and Mend-things like setting up your sewing machine; where to source secondhand materials and equipment from; hemming; sewing on a button; patching; darning etc etc
  • I don’t have the skill set to cover all these areas, so I want to collaborate with other bloggers who do have the skills and knowledge, and could do a mini ‘chapter’ each
  • I will then assimilate everything into one beautiful e-book, and the contributing bloggers can promote and sell it on their sites via an affiliate scheme

Machine maint1

I’m scared rigid.
But I’m putting it out there, on the blog as well as well on the 30 Day Challenge site, so that you can all hold me accountable, and I am less likely to wimp out!

What I would LOVE from you guys is:

  • Ideas for what you personally would find useful to had included. Everyone has different skill levels and abilities, and has different perceptions of what would be ‘basic’, but I am curious to know what everyone’s ideas are for what kind of skills are considered to be Make Do and Mend.
    For me, it is kind of all encompassing, and as well as sewing and mending, it would be things like re-vamping furniture, ideas for re-using things that might otherwise be thrown away, food waste recipes, preserving, foraging etc etc. But that would make it a very big book….!
    So I would love to know what you all think are important, basic Make Do and Mend skills-kind of the ‘essence’ of Make Do and Mend if you like.
  • Any volunteers/ideas for people who might like to contribute.
    I can’t guarantee you will make your fortune from it, but it will certainly give you some exposure, and my plan is for this to be the first of a whole series of E-books, that will take the world by storm…!!
  • Your cheers of encouragement 🙂

So it’s time to pull on my Big Girl Pants, and take a Deep Breath.
Wish me luck!



26 thoughts on “Screw Work Lets Play

  1. Big cheers from here. I would love to be involved in some way if possible. I’ll have to think of something less covered by others and my first thought is involvement of older children/young adults. You have smalls, I have talls – they were of course small once but are now 6’4″ and 6’8″. But I’ll also think more about the things I do and focus in a bit.
    I think a chapter of links with short reviews to lesser known sites might be the answer for the all encompassing stuff which is well covered elsewhere. Googling brings up such a host of things that a Which style guide might be good.
    Perhaps if you have to cut down, focus on things which can be done in a certain timeframe?

  2. Wow, quite a project. From my ‘feed yourself on £1 a day’ perspective, a handful of recipes that do that would be in my basics. So the kind of soup, risotto, pie and tart recipes that use what’s in the fridge. Or in other words, how not to buy what the supermarkets want you to buy. How to feed your children on HM food, not exp bottles and jars.
    How to do a hem so you can shorten dresses and trousers, sew on a button, amazing how many can’t do this. How to replace a zip.
    How to change a fuse and re-wire a plug
    How to do the basics of looking after your car so it needs less doing at the next service. So changing the oil, checking oil levels, changing spark plugs, keeping the tyres at the correct pressure (can save a lot on fuel costs), changing a screen wiper blade, that kind of thing
    Good luck with this one Jen, it could grow and grow!

  3. Wow, huge project but very exciting and worthwhile!! Basics for me are quite broad and similar to Lesley’s: –
    Hems up and down
    shortening trousers and skirts
    washing delicates and wool care
    mending jeans
    buttons on
    stain removal
    basic cooking and using leftovers – ie using every bit of chicken, using peelings for stock
    avoiding waste
    spending wisely
    free family fun
    ………………. sure there is lots more

    I’d love to help in any way – my blog is looking decidedly uninspiring right now though!!

  4. You do so much more MD&M than me (I’m only just maybe now grappling with the idea of doing a proper patch on a pair of jeans!) but I’d be happy to contribute something.

  5. This sounds like an amazing idea, and something I would find so useful! Sewing is something I am particularly interested in as I would love to make my own clothes but have absolutely no idea; I can’t even sew back on a button! But all the basics in DIY, car care, up cycling and crafts are all of interest! I am the queen at making recipes from seemingly bizarre combinations so I could help there 🙂

  6. Love this idea! Lizlovingandlearning had a great idea to offer projects that can be completed in a time frame. Like an hour or less so as not to intimidate novices like me!
    Also, cooking should have its own separate book. (Maybe the next one!) Your theme really seems to be more along the lines of mending, reusing, and upcycling. Which is why we all appreciate you so!
    Best wishes on the project!

  7. For me the most useful things to read about are how to eat well but pay less and how to clean the house well but also pay less. This is due to the fact that most of my money seems to go on food and cleaning.

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