Taking Stock

I am doing a Blogging course, to try and be a Better Blogger. It’s with the fabulous Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes, and is called Blog with Pip.
If you have a blog, or have ever wanted to have a blog, I would totally recommend it-LOADS of information, and lots of support from a great community.

Anyway, one of the optional assignments is a Taking Stock post.
Here’s mine.

Making : Trying to make a Lego mat/carry thing for the Smalls, to contain the mountain of Lego they have and limit the number of Lego related painful incidents (treading on Lego…). BUT the sewing machine started to play up, so this is on hold while the machine is away being serviced

Cooking : I have the butter out of the fridge coming up to room temperature and awaiting inspiration for biscuits and cake, as we have a shortage post holiday!

Drinking :
Tea!1Reading: How Green are my Wellies by Anna Shepard.

Green wellies1

This lady used to write a column called the Eco Worrier in the The Times, and is full of practical down to earth hints and tips for ‘green living’. My have tip so far is to put your dishcloths in the dishwasher when you put it on, to clean and sterilise them-GENIUS!

Wanting: More time! Always more time.

Looking: Out the window, wondering if the sun is going to break through the clouds

Playing: A podcast from the Blog With Pip course, about ‘Blog to Book’

Deciding: If I really have the time to try and turn this Blog into a Book…!

Wishing: I was more tech savvy

Enjoying: Some peace and quiet-hubby has taken the Smalls out for a couple of hours 🙂

Waiting: to see if the photo I have just taken on my ‘new’ (2ndhand) i-phone will magic it’s way onto the computer

Liking: My ‘new’ (2ndhand) i-phone. I think. Now I have FINALLY worked out how to transfer my contacts…

Wondering: What you will all make of this post

Loving: My boys. I am the only female in our family (pets excluded), and consider myself very lucky indeed to have three amazing men (or boys) in my life

Pondering: What to write for this bit…

Considering: Whether or not to get up and go for a wee!

Watching: Hubby got Captain Phillips out from the library this morning. A little bit concerned it might not be the cosy Saturday evening viewing I had in mind…

Hoping: That the cat hasn’t just bought another bird in through the cat flap

Marvelling: At the wonders of modern technology

Needing: More knowledge, and more time to assimilate the knowledge

Smelling: The half eaten Easter egg sat in front of me

Wearing: My jeans skirt, an old shirt of my mums, and my grey cardi that I keep meaning to tart up

Following: Action for Happiness on Twitter and Facebook, there posts are usually guaranteed to make me smile 🙂

Noticing: How quickly time flies when the kids are out and you have a long to-do list….

Knowing: They will be back soon, and I won’t have done half of it

Thinking: How lucky I am

Feeling: Grateful. And a little over-whelmed

Admiring: All the beautiful blogs out there, and the gorgeous photos that people take, and wondering if I’ll ever be able to do the same!

Sorting: What I want to do. With my life.

Buying: Confession time-I bought something new! Which is ok, since the year has officially ended. But still feels a bit weird. We went a bit crazy in the shop at the Eden Project. All of the stuff there is ‘ethical’ and they have done a great job of providing a retail stream, without compromising their values. I bought a ‘Tarp-hat’. Made from old tarpaulins in Brazil. It’s VERY cool. And recycled.
Tarp hat1

Getting: Cross at myself for taking so long to write this post!

Bookmarking: The Screw Work Lets Play information, for yet another course I am embarking on

Disliking: My very teeny attention span and butterfly mind

Opening: My mind to new opportunities and possibilities

Giggling: At the Smalls and the things they come out with

Feeling: Over-whelmed. Excited. Frustrated.

Snacking: Hubby presented me with an Easter Egg he had stashed away when he thought I was about to throw my phone out of the window while struggling to import the contacts

Coveting: Anything from Elvis and Kresse. Click on the link. You too will covet.

Wishing: I were more patient. And serene.

Helping: Spread the word of Make Do and Mend, I hope!

Hearing: Silence. Blissful.

If you fancy doing your own little bit of Stock Taking, here is the list. Copy and paste it. If you would like to, you can then either share your list, or a link to where you have posted it, and we can all have a nosy around  at each other’s inner musings…

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

I’m looking forwards to reading some of yours 🙂

21 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Making : finishing off (yet another) quilt before embarking on the 4 I am making as Xmas pressies for my sisiters in law

    Cooking : as little as I can (decided I cant really be bothered)

    Drinking : black bog standard coffee

    Reading: 101 ways to jump start your intuition by John Holland and Chocolat by Joanne Harris

    Wanting: a new job

    Looking: at the gorgeous sun out the office window

    Playing: too many games on facebook (especially Majohng and Tribez)

    Deciding: which area to clutterbust next

    Wishing: I can get back to the department I used to work in

    Enjoying: quilting (its ny new escapisim)

    Waiting: to get out of the department I work in (its not a nice place to be)

    Liking: having all the wondows open and a lovely breeze blowing through

    Wondering: if I will be able to make this 10k run in July

    Loving: the sunshine

    Pondering: if we will ever get to New Zealand

    Considering: what I can get done round the house today

    Watching: the Mother in Laws cat chilling on our bench outside

    Hoping: that I can get back to my old department and that we will get to NZ

    Marvelling: at how the tree in the MiLs garden which was chopped right back in Spring is showing new growth (aint Mother Nature fabulous)

    Needing: to get the house finished before we can sell it and move

    Smelling: the lovely flowers in my garden

    Wearing: slobbing about clothes, stained t/shirt and tracky bottoms

    Following: frineds on Instagram and Pinterest

    Noticing: that the weekends are way to short

    Knowing: that I am a good person

    Thinking: my house is a tip and Im fed up with it being a construction site (have had half a kitchen for 5 years etc)

    Feeling: fat and unfit

    Admiring: my friend Danni’s individual style

    Sorting: through piles of clutter and shitnacs trying to get rid of it

    Buying: work clothes :o(

    Getting: concerend about this 10k in July

    Bookmarking: not a lot at the moment, struggling to keep up with the blogs I have alread bookmarked

    Disliking: MiLs stupid dog (she drives us bonkers)

    Opening: my heart and mind to new ideas

    Giggling: with my OH, weve been laughing together for over 20 years :o)

    Feeling: frustrated and impatient

    Snacking: Asda kiddies bags of sweets and Hot Cross buns

    Coveting: the fabric for the Xmas quilts (am buying new for the first time as the previous 3 quilts have been made form my stash)

    Wishing: for a new job, that i can build my fitness in time and that we get to NZ

    Helping: the MiL by shopping for her etc

    Hearing: the birds on the MiLs bird table singing like mad, and the washing machine spinning

    • Wow-you did that way quicker then me Jo!
      I was really interested that I ended up with a very definite of a ‘theme’ running through mine, and yours has the same-new job, move house/to NZ etc.
      Sending positive thoughts your way 🙂

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  3. Wonder no more. This is a great list. Did you do that wee? I’m guessing yes. The Tarp hat is great. You’ve brightened my Monday. Thanks for that.

  4. This is a great idea I am definitely going to give this a try! The very idea of “taking stock” is something I need to embrace more in life – and I imagine its quite brain cleansing to get it all out of your head and onto (virtual) paper!

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