Tidy Up Time….

I am the world’s worst Tidy-er Up-er.
Actually, that’s a lie. My children are the world’s worst Tidy-er Up-ers. But I am Not Good.
I tend to just leave stuff and hope that the Tidy Up fairy will descend and work her magic (you know, how she used to when you were little…) but I am constantly disappointed. Doesn’t stop me living in hope, and doesn’t make me tidy up though.

But no more!
I have decided Enough is Enough.
So today, I launched Phase 1 of what will may prove to be a very loooong Operation Tidy Up and Get Organised!
Or it may be a very short operation, as the chances are I will collapse in a heap, and decide that untidiness is the lesser of two evils (if the other one is spending my whole life running around screaming “why is this here? Does this live here? Do you expect it to walk to the wardrobe/cupboard/toybox on it’s own?”)

Phase 1, was Tidying up the Study/Sewing Room.
And I have done some of it.

Here’s a sneak peak:

I tidied up the windowsill, as it was a bit a mess. And tried to ‘prettify’ it a bit, while at the same time keep it kind of organised.

Tidy Up1


My Bits and Bobs jars (if you look closely you can just see the words ‘Bits’ and ‘Bobs’ etched onto the jars). I made these ages ago and completely forgot about them!

Tidy Up2


More bits and bobs. Does anyone else have lots of ‘Stuff that looks/is useful, but doesn’t really have a home to live in’. I seem to have loads of it. In every room. Any suggestions for how to organise it?!

Tidy Up3


I unearthed these two Mason Jars when I went looking for the Bits and Bobs jars, and although not quite the perfect size for the scissors, they are still being put to use, which I am pleased about, as I kind of love them.


Tidy Up4


I bought this from Lidl about two years ago and am still ploughing my way through all the cotton and bobbins. Does anyone have a clever and pretty way of keeping bobbins organised? And the trailing threads drive me crazy-what do people do with these?!

Tidy Up6


I even blu-tacked some ‘decor’ onto the side of one of the bookcases. I want to paper the bookcase with something-maybe old housekeeping ads from a magazine, but this will do in the interim.

Tidy Up5

I have this lovely old sewing box that was my mum’s, and I want to ‘do something’ with it. But I’m not sure what. Ideas I have had include: sanding it and re-varnishing it; painting it; deco-patching it with old sewing patterns. Any input/ideas would be marvellous!

Tidy Up8


It’s not all good though-check out the exploding bookcase, bulging with my mending heap pile…

Tidy Up7

I really want to re-decorate this room. When we moved in I had the idea that I wanted it to be like a gentlemen’s library type thing, and we painted two of the three walls quite a dark red. But having seen all the gorgeous craft rooms on other blogs and on Pinterest, I want Pretty. But I am not good at Pretty.
I want Pretty and Tidy and Organised.
All offers of help/interior design/life coaching/de-cluttering gratefully accepted…!

13 thoughts on “Tidy Up Time….

  1. If you are ever (un)lucky enough to get a pedicure kit, then the thingies for holding your toes apart are perfect for squeezing bobbins into! Failing that, cheap hair bobbles work well too…not the elastic ones, but the bright coloured fabric ones – just match your thread colour to the bobble and you’re away!

  2. Hi Jen,

    Looks like a great start on the prettifying process! Try Karen Kingston’s blog for de-cluttering tips – I’ve found it helpful as it’s much easy to keep things in their place when there’s less to tidy!

    Love the blog,

    Kat 🙂

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