A Mending Mountain

There must have been something in the air this weekend.
I FINALLY stopped procrastinating and tackled my ever growing pile of mending.
And it seems like I’m not the only one-Zoe at Eco Thirifty Living has been busy with a whole Mendathon!

Here’s a little peek at my not so perfect patching….

The sleeve of one of my tops (one of my Six Items…) had started to come away at the seam

May Mending01So I did this…
May Mending02I’m sure it’s not a very technically correct repair-basically I did a kind of satin stitch up and down until I had filled the gap in. But it seems pretty functional. So far.

Big Small has gone through the knee of one his pairs of school trousers. Frankly, I am surprised it has taken him this long.
I wonderwebbed (is that the right name-the stuff that comes on a roll of what looks like paper, but you iron it on, and then peel off the paper and iron again) a patch from an old pair of hubby’s boxer shorts (knew they’d come in handy for something..!) onto the back (inside) of the worn area:

May Mending03And then used the darning foot on my machine-it looks like this:

May Mending04

to go backwards and forwards over the worn patch with appropriately coloured thread.
NB. If you are going to do this at home, don’t be lazy like me, and make sure you match up the bobbin thread too, otherwise it will end up looking like this:
May Mending05Can you see the little green bits of bobbin thread?! Oh well, it won’t show from a distance 😉

Then there were several other pairs of small people’s jeans:

Very roughly applied patch...

Very roughly applied patch…

I cut this patch around the tractor patch that was already on there, and am quite pleased with this one!

I cut this patch around the tractor patch that was already on there, and am quite pleased with this one!

The most recent patch is the one on the left...

The most recent patch is the one on the left…

And then finally, I patched up BigSmall’s pyjama top, in which 2 holes mysteriously appeared one day. He has yet to confess to scissor usage on them, despite our best interrogation techniques…

May Mending06

I used one of his old PJ tops that had worn through on the shoulder, and cut out little dinosaurs

Rubbish pic, but hopefully you get the idea..

Rubbish pic, but hopefully you get the idea..

This took me less than an hour. And I know they are not the best examples of patching ever, but they all appear to be pretty functional, and should hopefully last until they are grown out of.
Quite why I procrastinated for over a month before doing this, I have no idea. Maybe it was a subconscious hope that the Smalls would have outgrown them, and I would have saved myself a job. Or maybe, my brain has tuned into the fact that actually doing something after such lengthy procrastination feels really rather good, and therefore I am now more likely than ever to procrastinate… ARRRGGHHHHH!!!!



6 thoughts on “A Mending Mountain

  1. I love mending clothes, or if really beyond repair then cutting then up for something else. Replacing trouser zips is something I seems to have done quite a bit of recently too. We too get mysterious holes in Jersey tops. I’m wondering if it’s catching something in the wash.

  2. Functionality is more important in these cases but I reckon you’ve done better than I could with hand stitching which would have taken hours SO WELL DONE JEN !

  3. Now that is swift mending. I’ve been mending by hand and never thought of a darning foot and I bet I have one too. May class buddy:)

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