Big Lunch Resourceful Week #5

So here we are then, the last day of the Big Lunch Resourceful Week!
I hope you’ve found it interesting and useful, and have picked up lots of brilliant ideas for how to be more resourceful, not just for one day a year and a Big Lunch, but for life. What is it they say, Resourcefulness is for life, not just for the Big Lunch. Oh no, maybe that was something else, to do with dogs and Christmas. Anyway, you get my point.

Hopefully, maybe, just maybe, you are now also tempted to host a Big Lunch of your very own!

Over on the Big Lunch blog, Ali Womack from Chipping Sodbury Big Lunch will be sharing her top tips. Last year Ali’s Big Lunch had 3,000 visitors, and they are hoping to top that this year, with a 1940’s themed street party extravaganza!
Your Big Lunch doesn’t have to be on that scale (although you can if you want to!). It can be as simple as you and your immediate neighbours getting together in someone’s garden for a picnic and a chinwag. The main thing is just getting out there and talking to the people who live on your street.

If you are tempted to find out more, then check out the Big Lunch website. They have loads of information and downloadable resources here, and you can sign up to receive your very own Big Lunch pack right here.

There are even stickers with Morph on-what more could you need? :)

There are even stickers with Morph on-what more could you need? 🙂

Also check out the Big Lunch blog, where for the past week, they have been posting oodles of hints and tips for a Resourceful Big Lunch (and actually, they all pretty much apply to having a Resourceful Life…), as well as video clips from the launch event at the Eden Project.
The lovely chaps at Start have partnered with the Big Lunch for the whole of this fantabulous Resourceful Week, and have some pretty awesome posts on their site too-check them out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the week, I certainly have.
Go forth, and be (even more) resourceful people 🙂

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