The Big Lunch Resourceful Week #1

Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to The Big Lunch Resourceful Week!
The Big Lunch and Start UK have teamed up to host a whole week of resourcefulness and sustainability to kick-off this year’s Big Lunch.

I blogged last week about the launch event at the Eden Project, which happened yesterday. I was there with four other panellists, discussing whether we are more resourceful as individuals, or as part of a community.
I put forward the argument for individual action, and the empowerment that comes from just getting on and doing stuff about the things that matter to us. However, I think it’s safe to say that the consensus was that when we pool our resources, we are able to achieve far more, especially when it comes to things like putting on a cracking street party for a Big Lunch!

The Resourceful Week continues, focussing on a different aspect of Big Lunching every day, and providing everyone with lots of ideas and tips, on how to pull together your very own Big Lunch, as resourcefully as possible.
Here’s the line up:

It’s the turn of the fabulous lot at Start UK, to introduce resourceful living, and give lots of ideas and resources for building sustainable communities.
There will also be the chance to catch up on the highlights of yesterday’s event at the Eden Project.
Update: you can read all about the launch event here on Start’s blog. There is a video clip and a scarily large photo of me (and others!).

Resourceful eating and growing! Grow your own, land-shares, reducing food waste and more. AND a recipe from River Cottage’s Steven Lamb.

Wednesday-Sharing and Sourcing for Free
Lots of ideas for how you can source all you need (tables, chairs, music systems etc) for FREE!

Thursday-Make It Yourself
How to entertain the masses, and beautify your Big Lunch, using stuff you have lying around at home
Keep your eyes peeled for a how-to from me!

Friday-Building a Bigger Community
The week closes by looking at stories of individuals who have been resourceful in their own communities, and and explores opportunities for volunteering, fundraising and inspirational projects, like Big Lunch Extras

Every day there will be a Twitter Q&A session at 2pm, with one of the guest panellists, (Joey Tabone from Start UK, Steven Lamb from River Cottage, Jenny Coles from Plymouth Energy Community, Ali Womack from Chipping Sodbury Big Lunch, and me!) and there will also be posts on the Big Lunch blog and website, with lots more information.
If you want to get involved, join in on Twitter-you can tweet @thebiglunch and @Start_UK with your best resourceful ideas and tips you want to share with the nation. Use the hashtag #BLResourcefulWk.
If you’re not on Twitter, feel free to leave comments here, and I can pass them on for you 🙂

Have a brilliant resourceful week everyone!

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