A Fashion Revolution

The anniversary of the horrific factory collapse at Rana Plaza is fast approaching. On the 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed, and over 2500 people were injured when the building they were in, working long hours, for pennies, making cheap clothes for us, collapsed.
And the people behind Fashion Revolution are saying Enough is Enough.

This year, the 24th April, heralds the first ever Fashion Revolution Day, turning fashion into a force for good. to catalyse change, and re-connect the broken links in our supply chains.
The theme for the inaugural Fashion Revolution Day, is Who Made Your Clothes? And is encouraging us all to be curious about where our clothes have come from, who made them, and what sort of conditions


There are lots of ways that you can get involved and help bring about a transformation within the fashion industry, that will lead to a more sustainable future:

  • #InsideOut-Wear your clothes inside out on Fashion Revolution Day (or any other day you fancy)
  • Look at the labels on your clothes, and find out where they have come from
  • Contact the brand, with a photo of you and your inside out garment, and ask them, Who Made Your Clothes. You can do this on Twitter-most brands will have an account, you can tweet them direct. include the hashtag #InsideOut and include @Fash_Rev in your tweet
  • Tell your friends and family why you are wearing your clothes inside out (you might get some funny looks otherwise!)
  • If you are in London, the fabulous The Good Wardrobe and Designer Jumble are getting together for what looks like a brilliant day. There will be clothes upcycling, makeovers, and Sewing it Forwards-encouraging people to share their sewing, knitting and mending skills
  • If you aren’t in London, but still fancy a bit of Sewing it Forwards, download a voucher from the Good Wardrobe site and give it a friend. Show them a simple fix on a piece of clothing, and they then promise to pass on the skill to someone else
  • Or even, have your own little ‘Mend-a-long’ one evening. Get together with some friends, and a sewing machine, and some clothes that could do with a little TLC (wine and/or chocolate obligatory optional)
  • Follow The Good Wardrobe (@TheGoodWardrobe) on Twitter, and during Fashion Revolution Day, they will be answering simple mending questions, so you can tweet your queries!
  • JP Flintoff has teamed up with The Good Wardrobe, to produce a series of videos, where he asks people “Who Made Your Clothes?” Here is a link to his interview with the “Darning King” Tom Van Deijnen, aka Tom of Holland

I may well get some odd looks on the school run, but I will be wearing something #InsideOut on Thursday, and am actually quite looking forwards to finding out from the brand, Who Made My Clothes?
Anyone else want to join me?





12 thoughts on “A Fashion Revolution

  1. Great post and good ideas. There’s also a petition on Labour behind the Label (whom I know you champion) asking for international clothing companies who used the Rana Plaza companies to pay compensation to victims and families.

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  4. Like everyone else, I also enjoyed and appreciate your post. The lack of critical thought (and self-analysis) in our actions and decisions is what drives much of the misery in the fashion and clothing industry…thanks for your timely reminder

    • Great comment! You are quite right, lots of our bad (or less good) decisions, are not really decisions at all, they arise from a lack of thought.

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