Science Hour #2

Here we go then, safety specs on, for another enthralling science experiment from the Make Do and Mend household…

This time, science fans, we are investigating (like the hard-hitting investigative journos we are) claims that our new Eco Shower Head does what it says on the pack.
AND it’s a guest post from hubby. I know, there is such a thing as too much excitement, but Keep Calm and Read On.

Not wanting to be left out on the science experiments the boys and I decided to carry out an energy saving experiment for ourselves. This time to establish the effectiveness of our new water saving shower head.

Our Eco shower head will use less water than our existing shower head (up to 50% according to the packet)

Shower head1


  • Old shower head
  • New Eco shower head-A “Pulse Eco Flex”-we go it online from Ecotopia
  • 1 litre jug
    Shower head25
  • Digital stopwatch
    Shower head24
  • Two small excitable assistants
    Shower head21


  • Set the empty jug in the shower
  • Prime the stop watch operator
  • Time how long it takes to fill the jug to the top with shower head number one
    Shower head22
  • Repeat as excitable assistant number 1 forgot to press STOP
  • Record time
  • Decant water into water filter for making post experiment cup of tea
  • Swap shower heads and repeat the above

To fill 1 litre jug from existing shower head: 5 seconds

To fill 1 litre jug from new Eco shower head: 10 seconds


The Eco shower head really does use less water. From these basic observations as much as 50% less so that is a considerable water saving. And using less water, means that less energy has been used to heat it up. How cool is that!?

What I will also say is that the new shower head is really effective. We are lucky to have quite good water pressure here and the shower experience is as invigorating as before but with smaller pulsing droplets….. There are several spray patterns to choose from from jet to spray.

So it’s another win for the Eco team: saves water, saves energy, saves money and saves the planet 🙂

Thankyou lovely hubby and excitable assistants-you rock!

7 thoughts on “Science Hour #2

    • Couldn’t find anything in the info that was on the pack, but I would assume that it can only work with what it has. So if the pressure is low it will still pulse and use less water, but the pressure coming through will still be low.

  1. My experience is that the water saving shower heads result in people spending more time in the shower. I find it takes a lot longer to rinse my hair with the water saver.

    • This one seems to keep the pressure up really well, so I don’t think I am spending any longer, but I can see that that make be an issue with some types of shower head

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