Staying Warm

Slightly ironically, now it is officially Spring and thoughts are turning to the hopefully warmer and drier weather ahead, for week three of the Great Energy Race, I’m focussing on Heating and Staying Warm.
37% of the UK’s entire energy expenditure goes on heating, and about the same percentage of each of our domestic energy bills are due to heating our homes.
Check out this fancy info graphic I found on 1 Million Women, that shows you the breakdown of our home energy usage

By far the biggest piece of the pie, is heating

By far the biggest piece of the pie, is heating

So how can we reduce this, and still stay warm?

Here are my intital top tips off the top of my head-I am sure you have heard lots of them before, but they bear repeating, and hopefully there are some sneaky little ones in there too. As ever, I would LOVE to hear all your top ideas, so we can share the love and the warmth!

  • Wear a jumper. If it is Winter, dress like it is Winter. Don’t expect to be wandering around the house in shorts and a t-shirt. PUT A JUMPER ON. And a vest. And maybe even a cardi too (cardis rock).
  • Socks and slippers are a must! I seem to remember some slightly crazy lady doing a tutorial on making her own slippers-oh yes, that was me!
  • Turn your thermostat down-this is a figure that is bandied about a lot, but turning down your thermostat by just one degree can save you anywhere between 3 and 10 percent of your heating bill
  • Insulate! Your walls and your loft. The building regs have just changed and now the recommendation is for 270mm of insulation in your loft-have you got enough?
  • Draught-proof your windows, doors, letter boxes, keyholes-there is a whole blog post coming on this if you can wait…
  • Line your curtains with thermal lining stuff, or an old blanket-a scintillating how-to is on the way
  • I don’t know how easy it is to get them fitted to existing radiators, but ideally you should have a knob on your radiator to play with (cue immature sniggering) which allows you to control the temperature of each room, and even turn off the heating in rooms you don’t use very much
  • Get a blanket! Or a Quillow. We were given one last Christmas by the lovely Pugh family at A Year Without Supermarkets, and I have used it nearly every day-so lovely to snuggle up with in the evenings, and amazing how much warmer it keeps you!
  • A great tip that was left in the comments a couple of weeks ago by Chris was to store your sumer duvet underenath your sheets on the bed, so that you are then sandwiched in between two duvets-mmmm, toasty!
  • Close your curtains as soon as it starts to get dark
  • Line the walls behind your radiators with heat reflecting stuff
  • If you have  a chimney but not a fire, get a chimney pillow
  • Make yourself a draught excluder-all this excitement is still to come…
  • If at all possible, get double glazing, or even secondary glazing. There are kits available to do it yourself, or if you are really keen on a DIY approach, I read that you can make some with clingfilm…
  • Get your boiler serviced-when we had our Home Energy Assesment at the start of the Great Energy Race, Eddy pointed out that our hot water tank was below pressure, meaning it was taking longer for the hot water to get hot

Come on then chaps-over to you! What do you to stay warm and save cash?

4 thoughts on “Staying Warm

  1. It’s just coming into winter here, so we’ll make the most of these savings. We’ve actually used bubble wrap as insulation across the windows – only problem is, small people like to pop the bubbles.

  2. I’m loving your energy saving tips and ideas – thanks! I’m currently wearing an Arran jumper I bought 20+ years ago which has provided me with years of cheap warmth!

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