The Great Energy Race Bake Off

In my quest to save energy, for the Great Energy Race (and because it’s a super important thing for us all to be doing to save the planet, obviously..) I thought I would try to use the oven left. It is apparently the most energy guzzling cooking device, which for someone who loves to bake, is not good news 😦

On the advice of several of the comments received (thankyou so much for all of these, they are fabulous!) about Mums and Grandmas having Baking Days “back in the day” I decided I would give it a go. The theory being that the oven has to work less hard as there is less heating up to be done, and less energy wasted when it cools down again. If you are very canny (cannier than me) you can also save water and energy with your washing up, by doing ‘innocuous’ things in the mixer/bowl 1st, and then re-using the bowl without washing up (e.g. you could do a batch of plain biscuits, followed by cheesy feet, without causing too much consternation)

So, off I went.
And three or four hours later, I emerged from the kitchen….

  • 20 cheesy feet-I freeze these, and take them out as and when needed as snacks for the Smalls
  • 24 double choc chip cookies-again I freeze some of these, and we scoff the rest
  • 1 lemon drizzle traybake-this is my favourite lemon drizzle recipe ever ever ever, and it occurs to me that I have been very remiss in not blogging it)
  • 24 rolls-these will be frozen for pack lunches
  • 2 loaves of bread-freeze one, eat one



Has this saved energy? I kind of hope so.
Bread baking obviously necessitates a hot oven, so while it was all rising and proving and doing it’s bread thing, I got on and baked the other stuff, then the oven was already pretty hot for the bread.
I would usually make at least 2 or 3 times a week, so all the heating up and cooling down, must be pretty energy inefficient.
Now, if only I can persuade hubby I need a Baking Day, child free, in my own little tranquil kitchen with Radio 4 on in the background once a week. At least once a week. In fact, every day. Oh, hang on, that’s not the point is it..?!

10 thoughts on “The Great Energy Race Bake Off

    • In the introductory paragraph, if you hover over ‘cheesy feet’ and ‘plain biscuits’ where they are highlighted in a different colour, and then click, this should take you to the posts with the recipes on! Let me know if you can’t find them 🙂

  1. This all seems so obvious when you say it like that but as with most things that are good for us (eg meal plans, healthy eating and using up all our food leftovers) it does take a little planning. But this week, inspired by you, I pledge to use my slow cooker (ashamed to say they I never have, even though it lived on the work top for almost a year!) and just do one day of using the oven. And hopefully I can get round to planning batch baking like you, most weeks.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us … It’s all great stuff!

  2. Cooking, child free, Radio 4 – there’s an idea!!! I try to be very positive when my extremely fussy eaters wish to help cook, which they love – if only they would try what they helped cook!! (I would feel better about my selfish thoughts about how much quicker and stress free cooking on my own is!). Lovely homemade treats in your house this week, enjoy:)

    • I always think that cooking with the Smalls should be a really lovely thing to do, but actually, it just makes everything much more stressful, takes three times as long, and creates a LOT more mess!

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