Six Items IS a Challenge….

Who’d have thought it?!
Six items is really hard…
I could quite easily do ten, maybe even nine at a push.
But six is calling for some difficult decisions.

If you have no idea what I am on about, may I refer you back to this recent blog post, all about the Six Item Challenge from Labour Behind the Label.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 14.26.06
The aim is to pick just six items of clothing (not including underwear, workout gear and shoes) for the next 40 days, to raise awareness of the issues created by Fast Fashion, and raise some money for Labour Behind the Label (hint hint, if you want to sponsor me…!)

I had it narrowed down to EITHER:
2 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 dress (in case I do anything other than the school run and wipe snotty noses in the next 40 days….) and 1 cardi

Six Item Challenge1
2 tops, 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress, 1 cardi and 1 woolly jumper

This is the jumper

This is the jumper

I ummmmed and ahhhed and consulted the good people of Twitter and Facebook land, and the consensus was, that it might still be chilly, and a jumper would be a wise addition.
So the end result (which I have no photo of, obviously..) is:

  • 1 pair of jeans (which have a hole in the knee and have had to have an emergency repair on them-more to come on this excitement…)

Six Item Challenge2

  • 1 white top, and 1 black top-both of which can be accessorised, and I may even experiment with some embellishments-stay tuned…
  • 1 dress-you may remember this from my freehand alterations last year. I figured it could also work as a skirt with a top on top, or even the jumper
    Six Item Challenge51
  • 1 cardi-this is quite thin, and very plain and boring, but it is ripe for some improvements!
    Six Item Challenge61
  • 1 woolly jumper-I love this jumper-very snuggy. Only issue is it is hand wash only….

My main concern is that we have no tumble dryer, so the jeans will take a while to dry when washed, BUT this will force me to make better use of the dress. BUT I am worried I will get cold legs, even with tights on…!
You see my issues here people?!

This is me today-sporting jeans, one top and the woolly jumper. You may see a lot of this combo over the next 40 days….

IMG_0442If I’ve inspired you(!) do join in, or if you think it would be more fun watching me from afar, getting very bored with my wardrobe, then please do consider sponsoring me..!


17 thoughts on “Six Items IS a Challenge….

  1. This is really interesting – i always feel a bit ashamed that i rotate two tops, two pairs of jeans and two jumpers. Look back over the past 10 years and my clothes are identical, it’s weird really! However it’s not enough if I need to smarten up – which i tend to do by throwing on a jacket with a broach, so if i was doing this I’d need seven. But besides the cool fundraising you are doing, and the fun you will have attempting this, it also seems like a really useful guide for packing! Nicola

  2. Hi Jen,

    Similar choice of stuff, really, one pair of jeans, one dress, a white top and a black one, a mustard cardi (smartish) and a dress (smartish). Will make plenty use of pinnies (protective workwear so not included in challenge) and sometimes might have to stay in my nightie or workout wear for a little longer if the clothes I need to wear that day are not dry from wash.

    I know it sounds like a cheat but this is the best I can do, really! I don’t know that I shall manage to raise any money, let alone £300, so in the end if nobody sponsors me I might have to just give them a donation myself.

    I have cancelled almost everybody from my facebook account (fed up of fluffy kittens/romantic mountain sunsets/ ghastly inspirational writings and too much publicity), it was driving me mad. So I shall have to make a mailout on my email account.

    My friend was shocked when I told her what I was going to do and she suggested that I cheat (proper cheat, not like wearing a pinny or a pair of workout leggings for an hour!), but say to people that I am NOT! I was shocked back at her suggestion because she is one of the most socially committed and ethically minded people (but also very big on fashion and looks).

    To tell you the truth it already feels like cheating just by entering the challenge because the 6 items are what I wear anyway most of the time, only punctuated by occasional different jeans or different cardi, but mostly the 6 favourites are what makes my staple wardrobe.

    Best wishes with your challenge!

    • Hi Caterina
      Thankyou soooo much for your donation 🙂
      I have to agree, that although narrowing it down was hard, I will often wear the same jeans and jumper all week, just changing the tops underneath so as not to get too whiffy!
      It’s just the whole washing and needing to wear again straight away that makes it tough.
      Good luck-sounds like it will be a breeze!

  3. Gosh, you’re inspiring me to do this challenge too. Do you think it’s too late to sign up? I probably wouldn’t get any donations, but it is a fun challenge. It’s summer here, so people would totally notice if I went for the same tops each day. But perhaps something else could make a difference. Plus I’m constantly wearing a lab coat, so I doubt people would care!

    • Yay! Not too late at all. I think you can do it whenever you want, for however long you want. Even if you don’t raise any money, it might help to start a conversation with some people, and get them thinking too! Go for it 🙂

  4. Hello 🙂

    I’m also doing this challenge, my page is

    It really is difficult. Even after one day I’m worried about what I’ll wear the next time. I picked mainly black and white things so I can mix and match and add scarves/necklaces etc.

    It’s really freezing here so I picked another coat like the rules say you can, but I feel a little guilty about it and wonder whether I shouldn’t wear it. It snowed here (Northern Ireland) last March,but if I have one coat do I really need another?


    Anyway, best of luck!


    • There seems to be a huge amount of guilt from the people who are taking part in this project-everyone very worried that they might not be interpreting the rules quite right. As I see it, you are doing it, and that is awesome. And in doing it, you are raising awareness of a really important issue. No one expects you to freeze (I don’t anyway)! Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job 🙂

  5. I guess you could get some warm tights and wear boots…. I would have probably gone with the two pairs of jeans because I don’t often wear a dress without jeans or leggings in the winter, but then I only have one pair of tights (which have holes in them) and I can’t buy any at the moment (because I am buying nothing new until the end of September..). Although it is nice to wear a skirt or dress and maybe I should see if I can get some tights on freecycle 🙂

    • I have neglected to check whether I actually own any thick tights… Ooops! Might have cold legs, or as you say, need to scour the charity shops for some 🙂

  6. Drat – I’m too late to take part aren’t I? Actually think I could do this right now, since having the baby I don’t have time to change my clothes, basically been wearing the same thing since November – a variation on pyjamas!

    • Not too late at all Hattie (or should I not tell you that…) I think you can start whenever you want, and do it for as long as you want.
      I heard PJs are all the rage this year. The snot/sick motif is also much sought after…
      Hope you and your lovely family are all well.

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