Climate Week

Did you know next week is Climate Week?
Well, it is!

Climate-Week-2014-Logo-RGB-medium-resWhat is Climate Week I hear you ask?
Why, Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future!
Hurray for that 🙂

Schools and organisations can enter the Climate Week Challenge-“an exciting activity for teams of four to six people of any age. It helps develop creativity, innovation and enterprise, team-working skills and experience of tackling real-life environmental issues”.
And individuals can get involved by either hosting or attending one of over 3,000 Climate Week events.

BigSmall’s school have taken part in the Challenge for the last few years, but I approached them to see if they wanted to take things a step further this year, and to my delight they said yes!
So as well as the Challenge, the school are:

  • hosting a Swap Shop for toys, DVDs, books etc one afternoon after school
  • having a textiles collection, for Bags2School (this cunningly doubles up as a great fundraiser!)
  • collecting all the food waste from lunch for the week, and then…
  • Year 6 are going to visit the anaerobic digester in town, to have a tour, and take the food waste-then they can work out how much energy the food waste produces, and extrapolate that out to see what they could produce over a year, etc

I’m so pleased that the school have been so on board, and enthusiastic in response to my suggestions-happy days!

AND, I’ve talked two of the toddler groups we go to into having Swap Shops during Climate Week
AND we’ re having our next Swish on the Friday of Climate Week too.
So Warminster is officially Rocking Climate Week this year 🙂

If you want to get involved, it’s not too late!
As well as the Challenge (which I think schools can still register for), and the ideas listed above, here are a few other ideas for things that would be pretty easy to put on at short-ish notice:

  • Invite your friends round for a Leftovers Banquest (or just have one on your own at home!)-check out Love Food Hate Waste for some great leftover ideas (and also there *may* be a couple of posts right here on this very blog too…)
  • Pack a packaging free lunch for school or work
  • Meat-Free Monday-speaks for itself really…
  • Have a litter pick in your local park, with or without a group of friends
  • Cycle or walk to school/work if you can
  • Shop local-check out your nearest farmers market and help support local producers
  • You may not have time to organise a full-blown Swish or Swap Shop, but there’s nothing to stop you having a smaller version in your own home, with some friends

There are lots more ideas too, here on the Climate Week website.

Anyone already got anything planned?
And have I spurred any of you into action..?!


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