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I posted a couple of weeks ago about the possibility of a Life Without Amazon.

Not Amazon

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And I have indeed gone ahead and closed my account, or at least I think I have-I had to e-mail them, and then reply to another e-mail from them acknowledging that I understand the implications of closing my account, (no access to Amazon or anything Amazon related-that is kind of what I was aiming for..)but I have had no confirmation.
Lots of you left comments with alternatives that you have used for online book shopping, so to save you all trawling through the comments, I thought I would collate them all here. Because I’m nice like that.
It goes without saying, that first and foremost, we should all be supporting our local independent bookshops, and failing that, actual bookshops, independent or otherwise, as well as, obviously, secondhand book shops or charity shops, and our fabulous libraries! But if for whatever reason, you are looking online, and don’t want to use Amazon as your default go-to, then here are some alternatives:

  • Hive-I used them recently to get a book for hubby on behalf of my mother in law. The service was great, and you can nominate your local independent bookshop to receive a percentage of the book price
  • World Of Books-I used these to get a secondhand book, again for hubby’s birthday, and was very happy with them (and they were cheaper than Amazon)
  • BookMooch-this sounds awesome! You list books you have that you want to give away, and receive points when you post them, and you can then use these points to request for books from other people. I think that is how it works, having not used the site yet, but it sounds pretty fab 🙂
  • Green Metropolis-an Online Charity Bookstore. You can sell books as well as buy them, and I think you can choose which charity your money helps to support
  • Awesome Books-new and used books with free UK delivery
  • Oxfam have a section on their online site with over 60,000 books listed
  • Better World Books-this sounds like a brilliant idea-for every book bought, they donate one to someone in need, they raise funds for literacy charities and libraries, and they ensure that any books that can’t be sold are recycled. I think I am going to like this one!
  • The Book People-I am sure you have all heard of them. They sell books very cheaply, although as someone commented, I do wonder how they manage to feel them quite so cheap?

NB. Several people suggested Abe Books-there is a wealth of secondhand titles on this site, BUT they are owned by Amazon!

Hope that helps 🙂

6 thoughts on “Amazon Alternatives

  1. Check out “Better World Books”! They sell second hand-books, with free shipping and have wonderful charity for World Literacy!

  2. Thank you for the alternative list of booksellers. I have also used Alibris, I hope it is not owned by Amazon. Regarding the account cancellation, I did not get a confirmation either, so I went on the website, logged out from my “remembered” details page and tried to log in again, and was not recognised. You can try that to check that your cancellation went through.

  3. I used to be an active member of Read It Swap It – you create an account and add to it books that you want to swap. You also request books and when someone offers you one of their books that you would like, in return for one of yours, you swap (hope this makes sense!). From memory you only pay for postage. I found this really useful when getting hold of books for my bookgroup (and then getting rid of when I had read it). However they now seem to have a link with Amazon through their separate Read It Swap It shop. But if you like the idea of not using money to ‘purchase’ books this is a good one.

    • Crikey, it gets so complicated when one company tries to take over the world-grrrr! Thanks for the suggestion though-will have a peek 🙂
      Hope all is good with you. x

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