In celebration of my Dad’s birthday at the weekend, we had slow-roasted brisket of beef, complete with Yorkshire puds, and it was most delicious.
BUT I may have over-catered slightly so we had quite a lot of leftovers-which I think, are actually the best bit 🙂

At the sight of the Yorkshire Puds both my Dad and my Mother-in-law began reminiscing about how they used to have them for tea with jam, so that is precisely what we did with the leftover puds, and they were delicious, and the kids wolfed them down!

Then on Monday, we had THE BEST ever use of leftovers, I have yet to find-Leftovers Pasties

A beast of a pasty-made from leftovers :)These were AMAZING, and very easy. I saw the idea in a book we got from the library called Cook on a Shoestring (which I would totally recommend-full of lots of great ideas for delicious cheap-ish food)

This is what you need: 

  • 500g shortcrust or puff pastry. Shop bought is fine, but I made Nigella’s rough puff which is super easy-will blog it soon!
  • Leftovers-you can use whatever you like-we had beef, potato, carrot and swede (but in the book, the author says she did some with leftover Christmas dinner!)-chopped up quite small, and then I mixed it all with a bit of leftover gravy to give a bit of a sauce
  • a beaten egg

This is what you do:

  • Pre-heat the oven to 180C
  • Roll out your pastry until it is ‘quite thin’ (technical term)
  • Cut out appropriate sized circles-I used a side plate as a guide, and they ended up pretty big…! I just about managed to get four circles from this, but as I say, they were pretty huge
  • Pile your mix on the middle, slightly to one side
  • Brush your beaten around the edge of the pastry and then fold the pastry in half, encasing your filling and squodge down the edges. Repeat with all your pasties
  • Brush all the pasties with the remaining egg wash, place on a lined baking tray and cook in the oven for 30-40mins
  • Eat!

I think these are quirky going to become a staple on our menu, and well worth deliberately over-catering for!

We had yet more leftovers leftover, so I made a cottage pie, and then the last of the beef is going in a beef biryani tonight 🙂
Hurray for leftovers! Anyone got any favourite uses for leftovers?

2 thoughts on “Bestovers!

  1. Bestovers indeed! We always have a plan for the leftover roast each week (stew/soup/risotto/curry etc) and have recently deemed the last Tuesday of the month ‘Pie Tuesday’ – slap a pastry lid on top of whatever the leftovers casserole type thing happens to be!!
    Ta da!

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