Not Watching It….

As a follow on to the excitement of Not Buying It, January was also my designated month for Not Watching It.


I went for a whole month watching no TV (with the exception of a couple of episodes of Fireman Sam…).

My grand idea was that if I wasn’t watching TV, then I would be reading, and ‘improving myself’ and ‘learning things’. And getting to bed earlier.
I did none of those things.
I had about 2, maybe 3, evenings sat on the sofa reading.
And the rest of the time, I filled the void with….the internet 😦
I just seemed to swap one screen for another, and instead of sitting snuggled up on the sofa with lovely hubby staring at a screen together, I spent the evenings sat in the study starting at a computer screen.
Not great.

AND I missed Sherlock. And the celebrity version of Bake Off. And I am sure lots of other stuff.
None of which is life changing, but I think I would have enjoyed them (never fear, we did record them!)

So I am back on with TV.
BUT I have learned that I need to be more organised, and more focussed.
If I have stuff to do on the computer, I need to do this first, and then ‘dick about on Twitter’ if there is time after all the *important things* are done.

Now there is a resolution…. 😉

11 thoughts on “Not Watching It….

  1. We have at least one night a week where the TV doesn’t get switched on at all, and I often have at least one more too when MrEH is out. The problem with the internet is that it’s all too accessible now in between smartphone, tablet and laptop – one of the above (or more!) is nearly always within arms reach!

  2. I know how you feel. I rarely watch TV unless I’m busy knitting or doing crochet. Then I like to marathon a series.
    But outside that you need to have a plan. there is nothing wrong with some internet zoning out, but it is all too easy to come home from work just zone out.
    I find that I get more done if I make a plan in the morning or the night before as to what I want to do the next evening. I come home check twitter, facebook and my emails. Have dinner, do task then check twitter, facebook and email again.
    I also like lists and planning on my way to work.
    Good luck.

  3. Don’t have a tv, haven’t had a tv for about 8 years now and genuinely don’t miss it one little bit! Plus I save £175 a year!

      • I have been asked, in all seriousness, what my furniture points at!! (The fire).
        After a while, if you do catch sight of a tv somewhere, it’s incredibly irritating, I can’t honestly see me ever having one again.

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